A Guide to Writing a Breach of Contract Letter Before Action

Breach of Contract A Guide to Writing a Breach of Contract Letter Before Action

Create an Effective Breach of Contract Letter Before Action

While experiencing a breach of contract is never pleasant, it is not uncommon in business transactions. You need to get familiar with your rights and take legal steps to compensate for your losses.

One of the most efficient options is creating a breach of contract letter before action and sending it to the other party. This article sheds light on why you should create this type of letter before starting a lawsuit and how you can do it.

What Is a Breach of Contract Letter?

A breach of contract letter before action is a demand letter you create to:

  1. Inform the breaching party that they:
    1. Have not met the contractual requirements
    2. Are in breach of contract
  2. Urge them to fulfill the terms of the contract
  3. Warn the other contractual party that you will take further action to seek legal remedies and request damages unless they perform their obligations

Why You Should Prepare a Breach of Contract Notification Letter

Preparing a breach of contract letter should be the first step to asserting your rights and resolving the dispute outside of court.

Aside from that, you should send a demand letter to accomplish the following:

Create a Breach of Contract Letter ToDetails
Save your resourcesTo prepare a demand letter, you do not need to:

  1. Hire an expensive lawyer
  2. Use the services of a pricey debt collector
  3. Inspect and adjust numerous breach of contract letter templates

Instead, register for DoNotPay to:

  • Create a watertight demand letter
  • Save your time, energy, and money
Motivate the breaching partyA well-made breach of contract letter before action can make the other party realize that:

  • You will start a lawsuit unless they perform their end of the deal
  • They might:
    • Lose the case unless they offer affirmative defenses
    • Have to cover extra expenses since litigation is lengthy and pricey
Collect evidenceSending a demand letter provides:

  1. An excellent opportunity for you to gather all necessary facts and documents to support your claim
  2. Evidence for court as it proves that you have tried to reach an out-of-court settlement

How To Write a Breach of Contract Letter

When preparing a breach of contract letter, you should explain:

  • The issue in a polite and neutral manner—You should not be aggressive as it might provoke the other side and make them defensive and unwilling to negotiate
  • The nature of your complaint—You need to outline the facts from the agreement you have entered into and inform the other party they are in breach

Additional aspects a breach of contract letter before action should cover are:

  1. Background information—You should explain the background of the dispute in a way that third parties—e.g., a judge and jury—understand it since you might use this letter in court
  2. Your claim—You need to express explicitly what you are asking of the other party, e.g., to:
    1. Pay for the work you have performed
    2. Deliver the agreed-upon services or goods
  3. Time frame—While you should provide a new deadline for the other party to fulfill contractual terms, you also need to keep in mind the statute of limitations, i.e., how long you have to file a suit in your state
  4. Consequences of non-performance—You should inform the breaching party that you will take the matter to court unless they refuse to honor their commitments

Should You Use a Breach of Contract Letter Template?

While you can search for a notice of breach of contract sample or template online, you need to keep in mind that some:

  • Are generic—You will need to check whether they comply with your state laws
  • Might not be suitable for your case or type of breach (actual, material, anticipatory, etc.)

As it might take you a lot of time to check whether a breach of contract template provides all relevant sections and covers legal aspects, you should use DoNotPay instead.

DoNotPay Is a Trusted Generator of Breach of Contract Letters

Our AI-powered app knows relevant legal requirements and will ensure your breach of contract letter before action:

  • Includes all necessary information
  • Fulfills the requirements of your specific case

If you would like to receive an airtight demand letter, sign up for DoNotPay and follow these steps:

  1. Opt for the Client Breach of Contract feature
  2. Provide the specifics of your contract, such as:
    1. Name of your client
    2. Terms of the agreement
    3. Payment deadline
    4. Amount the breaching party owes you
  3. Indicate the final payment or delivery date
  4. Add photographic proof, if available

As soon as you have entered the required information, our app creates a demand letter that you can download, print, and send to the breaching party.

Keep in mind that DoNotPay can also help you sue in small claims court if:

State-Specific Breach of Contract Regulations

If you would like to learn how to deal with a breach-of-contract situation in different states, you should check out the following table:

ColoradoNew YorkIllinois
VirginiaNew JerseyOhio
South CarolinaNorth CarolinaFlorida

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