Where To File a Lawsuit for a Breach of Contract—Federal Court or Local One?

Breach of Contract Where To File a Lawsuit for a Breach of Contract—Federal Court or Local One?

Should You Initiate Legal Proceedings for a Breach of Contract in Federal Court?

Being on the other end of a breach of contract—i.e., the injured party—is not a pleasant experience, to say the least. If you have suffered significant material or other business losses, filing a lawsuit for a breach of contract in federal court or another venue might be the only solution.

Breach of Contract—Jurisdiction

Unless your contract states where exactly you must file a claim in case of a breach, you can file it in various courts, including the following:

State CourtFederal Court
You could file a breach of contract claim in state court:

  • Where the defendant resides
  • If it can exercise authority over the defendant
  • Where the agreement has been negotiated or entered into
You can file a claim in federal court in case:

  • Your lawsuit includes federal issues
  • You and the breaching party reside in different states
  • The jurisdictional amount will be over $75,000

Keep in mind that, while you can file a claim in different courts, some jurisdiction laws might have more favorable conditions. You should also consider the fact that filing a lawsuit for a breach of contract in federal court is often more complex, expensive, and time-consuming than a state court action.

Prepare for a Breach of Contract Complaint in Federal Court

While litigation in federal court can be lengthy and complicated, preparing a complaint for this court is the same as for state court. Your complaint needs to state the following:

  • Facts of the case
  • Terms of the agreement
  • Obligations you and the breaching party have performed
  • Contractual terms that have not been fulfilled, i.e., what caused the breach

To draw up a federal breach of contract complaint, you should either:

  1. Hire an experienced lawyer—Make sure you are familiar with the attorney’s fees to avoid any unpleasant surprises and delays
  2. Do it yourself—Most courts offer Pro Se forms that you can either download or get at the clerk’s office and fill out on your own

If you opt for the latter option, you should:

What To Include in a Complaint for Breach of Contract in Federal Court

The following table presents what your breach of contract complaint should contain:

What To IncludeDetails
Breach of contract elementsYour complaint should prove the following elements:

  • The existence of a valid contract—You should confirm that there has been a(n):
    • Offer
    • Acceptance
    • Consideration
  • You—i.e., the plaintiff—have performed your contractual obligations
  • The other party—i.e., the defendant—has not fulfilled their agreed-upon commitments
  • The breach has caused you harm or injury that you seek remedy for
  • You have informed the breaching party that they:
    • Have failed to honor their obligations
    • Are in breach of contract (e.g., a material one)
Information about contractual partiesYou should describe the following in your complaint:

  • Contract goals
  • Your businesses
  • The course of performance
  • The importance of the agreement
Explanation and estimation of suffered damagesYou should list and explain any damages you have suffered in terms of:

  1. Direct
  2. Incidental
  3. Consequential

If you have not experienced any financial losses, you should provide a detailed explanation and estimation of any harm and damages the breach has caused you

Try To Reach an Out-Of-Court Settlement

Since litigation can cost you time, money, and nerves, you might want to try to negotiate with the breaching party before taking them to court. You should also keep in mind that the other party can provide defenses that might prolong your process and make it more expensive.

If you would like to resolve the dispute without judges and expensive lawyers, you should:

  1. Specify all case facts—It serves both as a reminder for the breaching party and proof for the court that you have tried to resolve the dispute
  2. Propose a solution to the issue—You should be the one to offer new terms or deadlines since the breaching party needs to compensate you for the suffered losses
  3. Prepare a breach of contract demand letter—To create a valid demand letter, you need to ensure that it includes all significant elements and complies with state laws

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