How to Get Your BMC Medical Records

Request Medical Records How to Get Your BMC Medical Records

Are You Legally Entitled To Your BMC Medical Records?

If you have been a patient at Boston Medical Center, you likely have medical records from your stay. Are you legally entitled to collect your ? Almost always, yes.

Some hospitals and healthcare facilities make it difficult to redeem your personal medical records. Our blog will explain which  you are legally entitled to and how you can get your medical records from Boston Medical Center.

We can also show you how simple it is to quickly request your medical records using DoNotPay.

How Do You Request Medical Records From BMC?

Your medical records are protected from individuals and companies under HIPAA, but if a patient, legal representative, parent, or guardian requests their BMC medical records, BMC is obliged to provide them in many cases. Patients will also need to sign an authorization form to receive records relating to sensitive topics like HIV, mental health, sexual health, and substance abuse.

How Long are medical records kept? Massachusetts hospitals must keep medical records for at least 7 years after the patient's death or discharge. Patients must legally have access and are allowed to make adjustments to their medical records for as long as they are kept.

How can you request medical records? You can request your medical records by signing a medical records release form and requesting your electronic health records or a paper copy by mail or email. Requesting your medical records can take up to 30 days to process and may be frustrating. BMC should deliver your records if you are authorized to request them, but they will charge a small fee to receive a copy of your medical records.

Request Medical Records By Mail

You can request your medical records by mail using this short guide:

  1. Print and fill out the BMC authorization form.
  2. Mail the form to Boston Medical Center, Health Information Management (Medical Records), Release of Information Unit/Basement Yawkey Building, 850 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118.
  3. Wait up to 30 days for your medical records to arrive. For urgent requests, you may pick up records in person when they are available.

Request Medical Records By Email

You can also request BMC medical records by email. Print out the authorization form and send the form to Emailing your form can be more convenient and take slightly less time than traditional mail. You can also pick up your records from the records department if you need them urgently. DoNotPay makes it simple to request your medical records from anywhere using your phone or web browser.

The following table contains important contact information for retrieving your medical records from BMC's medical records departments.

Medical Records617-414-4213
Radiology Images617-414-5882
Breast Images617-414-4884
Release of Information617-414-4213

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