How to Find Hotels With The Best Price Guarantee Policies

Price Match How to Find Hotels With The Best Price Guarantee Policies

How to Find Hotels With The Best Price Guarantee Policies

When you need a hotel room, you are probably looking for both a quality room and a fair price. If you aren't loyal to a specific hotel chain or trying to earn points at a specific hotel through a loyalty program, you may want to spend some time doing some comparisons to find the best room rates at different hotels. You want to book your room early, especially if you're traveling to a destination location during peak season, so you don't lose out on a good room.

But what happens when you find a lower price on the same room package shortly after you book? Well, most hotels offer the best rate guarantee. If you are looking for the best hotel price guarantee to book a hotel room but don't know where to start, DoNotPay is here to help. DoNotPayt can also help you with different services like:

Do Hotels Offer the Best Price Guarantee?

Yes, many hotels offer the best price guarantee. When you book your hotel directly through the hotel, and not through a travel or discount website, they guarantee you will find the lowest prices. However, if you happen to find a lower price elsewhere for the same room, you can submit a claim for a price match. Not only will they honor a lower price, but many offer additional bonuses.

Although policies vary, most hotels have similar requirements for honoring the best price guarantee, which may include:

  • Matching room type (standard, superior, deluxe, etc.) including types of views
  • Dates of stay must be identical
  • Room occupancy and bed type (king, queen, etc.) must match
  • The lower price must be publicly available and bookable
  • Most hotels require you to submit a claim within 24 hours of booking
  • Some do not allow claims on stays that begin within 48 hours
  • For some hotel companies that have multiple brands, the price guarantee does not apply to all brands
  • The hotel must be able to verify your claim

Which Hotels Offer Hotel Price Guarantees? 

If a hotel offers the best price guarantee, you will find specific details on their website or by calling the hotel directly. However, here is an overview of popular hotels and their general price guarantee.

Best WesternBest Western will match the lower price and give you a $100 USD Best Western Travel Card®.
Choice HotelsAt Choice Hotels, they will match the lower rate and give U.S. residents a USD 50 Reward Card and Canadian residents a CAD 50 Reward Card, while international guests receive their first night free.
Radisson HotelsWhen you find a room at a lower rate, they will match the rate if it meets their qualifications, and then give you a 25% discount on your room.
HiltonHilton also matches room rates and discounts your stay by 25% if you find a lower rate elsewhere.
WyndhamIf you find a lower rate of at least $1 (excluding taxes and fees) they will match the rate and give you 3,000 Wyndham points.

How to Take Advantage of Hotel Price Guarantees

If you find a room you want, but don't want to worry about losing it, go ahead and book it, though you may want to try to book a cancelable rate just in case. Once you find a lower room rate elsewhere, find the hotel's Best Rate Guarantee on their website and fill out their claim form. They will need to verify the lower rate. If you don't get the lower rate through your original booking, you can cancel it and book the alternative, cheaper rate.

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