Best Grocery Cash Back Credit Cards That'll Save You Money

Get Cash Back Best Grocery Cash Back Credit Cards That'll Save You Money

Best Grocery Cash Back Credit Cards That'll Save You Money

As the prices of groceries continue to rise, shoppers are looking for ways to save at the register. The average U.S. single household spends almost $5,000 per year at the grocery store. The USDA predicts it costs approximately $650 a month to feed a family of four, equating to $7,800 annually.

In addition to using digital coupons and taking advantage of in-store sales and buy-one-get-one-free offers, you can save money by learning about cashback, how cashback works on credit cards, and getting cashback on groceries.

When thinking about getting money back, you may be familiar with the Walmart cashback limit on debit card transactions. But that's not what we are talking about today. DoNotPay can show you how to earn a small percentage of the total amount you spend on groceries, saving you money every time you shop. We can show you how to find the best cashback credit cards for groceries to make sure you always get the best deal.

Our automated system will analyze your spending habits and identify whether you should apply for a Citi cashback card, Apple card, or Discover it cashback card. We can help you learn more about cashback apps and show you how to get money back from PayPal or Apple Pay.

DoNotPay can help you determine the best grocery cashback credit card so that every time your purchase groceries, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are saving as much as possible.

How Does Cash Back on Groceries Credit Card Work?

For every purchase you make at a grocery store using a cashback supermarket credit card, the financial provider will give you a few cents on the dollar for the total amount of the sale. For example, if a credit card company offers a 2% cashback reward, you will receive $2.00 for every $100 in purchases. The average grocery store cashback credit card ranges between 1% and 3% in rewards, with some credit cards offering as much as 6% cashback.

How to Find the Best Supermarket Cash Back Credit Card

There are all kinds of credit cards available, and the better your credit, the more offers you will be eligible for. Some companies offer cashback rewards for all purchases, while others are limited to travel, dining, or a specific retail store.

If you want to save money on groceries, DoNotPay can help you find the best grocery cashback credit card. For every dollar you spend on food for your family, you will earn grocery cashback, putting more money back in your pocket on each trip to the supermarket.

5 Cash Back Groceries Credit Cards

Credit Card ProviderIntroductory OfferCash Back OfferAnnual Offer
American Express Blue Cash Preferred® Card6% Cash Back
  • $300 cash back after spending $3,000 in first 6 months
American Express Gold Card4X points on groceries
  • 60,000 points after spending $4,000 in first 6 months
Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card5% online/WholeFoods
  • $100 Amazon gift card upon approval
Citi Custom Cash Card5% up to $500 per month
  • $200 cashback after spending $750 in first 90 days
Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards2% up to $2,500 per quarter
  • $200 cash back after spending $1,000 in first 90 days

How to Select the Best Grocery Credit Card

Selecting the best cash back credit card for groceries depends on several factors, including:

  1. Your daily spending habits
  2. The store you frequently shop at for groceries
  3. Whether you shop online or in-person
  4. If you prefer using grocery delivery services

Most grocery cash back credit cards exclude purchases made at big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Costco, or Sam's Club. If you regularly shop for groceries at these stores, you may be better off getting a store credit card to maximize your savings.

If you shop at your local supermarket, then a grocery cash back credit card may be the way to go. Be sure to look at the available offers, how much groceries cashback you will earn, and the annual fee associated with the credit card.

Most banks require good to excellent credit to qualify for the best credit card for cashback on groceries. Most credit card companies will allow you to pre-qualify online before submitting a formal application.

How to Find the Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Groceries With the Help of DoNotPay

DoNoPay makes finding the best cashback credit cards for groceries quick and easy, eliminating the frustration of searching through endless offers to find the best deal.

Every credit card with the best cashback for groceries has specific rules and regulations, and if you don't follow the guidelines, you could miss out on substantial savings. That's where DoNotPay comes in.

It only takes three steps:

  1. Search for Cash Back on the DoNotPay website.


  2. Kick off the process to find the right app or website for you.


  3. Answer some specific questions so that we can help you start making money!


And that's it! DoNotPay will send you the best cashback options we can find and help you to start earning more cashback on your purchases!

What Else Can DoNotPay Do For You?

Not only can we help you find the best cashback rewards for groceries, but DoNotPay can help you:

Whether you need help with bills or want to learn more about getting the best grocery cashback credit card, DoNotPay is with you every step of the way. Our automated system makes it easier than ever to find deals that can save money for you and your family.

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