Best Banks for Small Business Loans

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What Are the Best Banks for Small Business Loans?

Do you need additional funds to get over a rough financial patch? In this article, we talk about some of the best banks for small business loans. We will elaborate on the different loan programs (e.g., interest rates, loan terms, and credit requirements) and explain how to qualify successfully.

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What Is a Small Business Loan?

If you lack working capital for the upcoming quarter, you can apply for a small business loan. Financial aid is available for small to medium-sized businesses to keep the operations going when facing financial trouble.

Small business loans can cover:

What does the process look like? Borrowers typically choose the lender and loan program based on their immediate budgetary needs. You can get loans from multiple sources:

  1. Regional and community banks offering small business loans
  2. Credit unions, like Navy Federal
  3. Lending institutions, like OnDeck, Kabbage, and PayPal
  4. Online (crowdfunding, direct lenders, etc.)

Once you choose the lender, you must meet the preconditions for the desired loan type and gather the necessary paperwork.

Types of Loans You Can Get From a Bank

Some of the best loans you can apply for include:

  1. Term loans—You ask for a lump sum and return it through fixed monthly payments over a designated period. The interest rates for term loans usually start at 6%, but it depends on the amount you borrowed and the chosen bank
  2. SBA loans—The Small Business Administration (SBA) acquires funding for small businesses from various non-profit and government institutions. If a bank is listed as an SBA lender, you can apply for any SBA program you wish—from startup loans and microloans to disaster aid loans
  3. Lines of credit—Line of credit loans function the same way personal credit lines do. You get access to a certain amount you can use via a business credit card until you reach the limit. The type of loan is perfect if you don’t have an exact budget in mind
  4. Real estate financing—The loans are meant for the construction, renovation, or purchase of new facilities. Real estate loans come with longer terms and a 10–20% down payment requirement
  5. Equipment financing—If, for example, you own a brewery and can’t afford new fermentation tanks, you can apply for equipment financing. The repayment method is the same as the equipment’s lifespan, and the interest rates depend on the type

How To Qualify for a Small Business Loan From a Bank

Banks that offer small business loans typically ask for the following qualifications:

  • Good to above-average credit score (620+)
  • Developed business plan
  • Satisfactory business age
  • The right paperwork
  • Impeccable application letter

You will have to provide extensive documentation regarding your personal and professional affairs. If you fail to enclose a mandatory document, your loan request letter will be rejected. Before you apply, make sure you gather the following:

  1. Credit reports
  2. Account statements (personal and business)
  3. Financial statements (e.g., balance statement, profit, and loss, cash flow, etc.)
  4. Any current leases and licenses
  5. Collateral (optional)
  6. An ID
  7. A resume

The Best Banks for Small Business Loans—An Overview

The table below contains brief overviews of the best banks for small business loans:

BankLoan AmountInterest RatesMinimal Credit ScoreLoan TermAdditional Information
Bank of America$10,000–$100,000 (lump sum or line of credit)Start at 4.75%670+Dependent on the loan type
  • The minimum income requirement is $100,000
  • Required business age is two years
Wells Fargo$5,000–$100,000From 5% to 13%Not specified12–16 months
  • An SBA Preferred Lender
  • Only SBA loans are currently available
Chase Bank$5,000–$500,000Not statedNot specifiedFrom 12 months to seven years
  • Borrowers must have a business checking account
  • In-person application for a loan
U.S. Bank$5,000–$250,000Starting at 5.49%Good to excellent personal credit score (650–800)Seven to 25 years
  • The minimum business age is two years
  • SBA loans are available
Suntrust$10,000–$50,000,000Not statedGood personal credit (600+) historyUp to 20 years
  • Required business age is two years
  • Offers SBA loans
  • Currently only available in Washington, DC, and ten U.S. states
Capitol One$10,000+Determined case by caseGood personal credit history (620+)Up to five years in fixed monthly payments
  • SBA lender
  • Requires collateral
  • Borrowers need a business checking account to apply
TD Bank$10,000–$1,000,000Not statedGood credit score (620+)One to five years in fixed monthly payments
  • SBA loans available
  • Borrowers can submit an online application for loans under $100,000

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