Get in Touch with Inmates at Bent County Correctional Facility

Connect With an Inmate Get in Touch with Inmates at Bent County Correctional Facility

Get in Touch with Inmates at Bent County Correctional Facility Effortlessly

The Bent County Correctional Facility (BCCF) is Colorado's first private correctional facility. It is owned and operated by CoreCivic. BCCF is a Level III facility holding 1,138 medium custody male inmates. Bent County Correctional Facility was built by Bent County in 1993 and sold to CoreCivic in 1996.

Where Is Bent County Correctional Facility?

Bent County Correctional Facility is just east of Las Animas, Bent's County seat, about 85 miles east of Pueblo, and a few miles west of John Martin Reservoir State Park. It is a short drive from Las Animas city center, and the local bus service will also take you there. The easiest route to take from Las Animas is to follow East 6th Street, which becomes County Road Ff75.

Basic Contact Information for Bent County Correctional Facility

Physical AddressBent County Correctional Facility,

11560 County Road Ff75, Los Animas, CO 81054

Phone Number(719) 456 2610
Warden Mr. Virgil Ensey
WebsiteBent County Correctional Facility


There is no general fax number or email address.

How to Contact Inmates at Bent County Correctional Facility

You may contact an inmate by mail, eMessage, or visitation. Inmates may make outgoing phone calls. All outgoing calls must be to a registered phone number.

How You Send Mail and Packages to a BCCF Inmate

When you send mail to an inmate, there are some basics to know. There are different reasons to write; you may just want to become pen pals, for example.

When you write to a prisoner in Bent County Correctional Facility, you must also follow these rules:

  1. The return address on the envelope must be clear and complete.
  2. The address for the inmate to receive the letter must be clear and include the inmate's  name as recorded at their commitment, their DOC Number. If they have legally changed their name since commitment, you must put both names on the envelope.
  3. The envelope must not contain paperclips, staples, or any kind of glue, glitter, stickers, anything written with markers, crayons, or lipstick. No perfume or scent smell, or pictures other than photographs.
  4. You may send up to 5 photographs (4" by 6"), but they must not include anything suggestive (sexually provocative, tattoos, hand signals, gang-member identifiers, etc. And no Polaroids. Write the recipient's name and DOC number on the back of each photo.
  5. You may arrange to have magazines, newspapers, books, etc. sent via approved publishers. Remember that only two such items are permitted at any one time. They must not include any content which may be considered provocative or obscene. The books must be new and paperback, not hardcover.
  6. You may send holiday or quarterly packages of food and hygiene items.
  7. Birthday and other cards must not contain pop-ups or electronics.

Contact a BCCF Inmate Using eMessages

Inmates may not receive email messages, but you can send eMessages via JPay. The message will be read, printed, and given to the inmate.

  • You must register with JPay by calling (866) 333 5729 or on their website and pay for the service.
  • You must give the inmate's DOC Number and confirm the state is Colorado.
  • Each message will be charged at the rate the USPS would charge for mailing it.

Visits to a Bent County Correctional Facility Inmate

Visitations are permitted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 10.00 am and 3.50 pm. You must arrive at BCCF between 9.30 am and 10.45 am, or after 12.00 pm. Anyone arriving at 3.00 pm or later will not be allowed in. If too many visitors arrive, the normal visiting time may be cut short, and visits will end on a "first-in, first-out" basis.

Before you may visit, you must register with the Colorado Department of Corrections by completing this form. Send the form to:

Colorado Department of Corrections Headquarters

1250 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

It takes about 30 days for your application to be processed. If you have questions, you may call: (719) 226 4931.

Visitation Dress Code

The application form link above includes a page devoted to visitation rules and dress standards. Some rules are obvious, but others, such as not wearing specific colors may not be. It may be a good idea to take a complete change of clothing with you on your first visit, so if you are denied entry, you can change and try again.

Sending Money to a BCCF Inmate

You have 3 ways to send money to an inmate:

  1. Online using a credit or debit card via an approved service such as JPay or Western Union.
  2. In person, by visiting, say, a grocery or convenience store which handles money transfers.
  3. Via an approved mobile app.

Each service charges different fees. You can see the current fees for these services using this D.O.C. link. The link also explains how to send the money so it gets to the right person.

Problems Contacting Your BCCF Inmate

Colorado Department of Corrections and CoreCivic maintain strict rules for making contact. A simple mistake will not only waste your time, but it can also upset both you and the inmate. If a letter or birthday card fails to arrive, if an expected package is returned, if money does not appear, or if a visit is canceled or cut short, the effect can hurt. It may be something as simple as not being able to afford the gas to drive out to the Bent County Facility that means no visit this month.

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