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How to Connect With an Inmate at Sci Benner Township

Benner Township State Correctional Institution, also known as SCI Benner Township, is a medium-security prison with more than 2,000 male inmates. Established in 2013, it is a relatively new facility located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Connecting with an inmate at Benner Township State Correctional Institution can be a challenge. To ensure the safety of inmates, staff, and visitors, strict rules are enforced with regard to letters and packages, phone calls, internet access, and in-person visitation. For the best chance of reaching an incarcerated friend, family member, or pen pal, you should understand all of the guidelines that apply to inmate communication. DoNotPay can help you write and address letters to inmates, and schedule visitation.

Benner Township State Correctional Institution Contact Information

Benner Township Prison is located in central Pennsylvania, about five miles south of Bellefonte. The facility spans approximately 88 acres, with more than 30 buildings on site, including operational and housing spaces. The site maintains a staff of approximately 660 individuals, including:

Contact Information

Physical AddressBenner Township State Correctional Institution

301 Institution Drive

Bellefonte, PA 16823

Phone Number(814)-353-3630
WebsiteState Prison

How to Contact Inmates at Benner Township Prison

Whether you want to send a care package, write a letter, or talk over the phone, the state of Pennsylvania has established strict protocols regarding contact with inmates in medium-security prisons. Be aware of the following guidelines. 

Send a Letter

Inmates at Benner Township SCI are permitted to maintain contact with as many people as they like, as long as they are not victims, employees (current or former), or other inmates in the facility. They receive up to 8 stamps at no cost, but must pay for any additional postage costs. Every piece of mail is read and inspected except legal correspondence. Anything you send must meet these requirements:

  • No electronics, staples, or paperclips
  • Single-layer cards are acceptable, but cards with multiple layers will be rejected
  • The letter and envelope should be plain, with no crayon, marker, glue, stickers, lipstick, or perfume
  • No codes, drawings, markings, or other indecipherable communications
  • Clearly label the letter with your name and return address, and address it to:

Smart Communications/ PADOC Inmate Name/ Inmate Number Benner Township State Correctional Institution PO Box 33028 St Petersburg, FL 33733

If your letter is not accepted by the facility, it will be returned to you with a short explanation for the refusal.

1. Sending Photographs

You can send 4"x6" single-layer photos to inmates at SCI Benner Township. Anything larger or multi-layered will be rejected. Photos depicting illegal activity or nudity are not permitted. The back of the photo should be labeled clearly in pen with the inmate's name and ID number. 

2. Magazines, Newspapers, and Books

Inmates can receive magazines, books, and newspapers directly from a vendor, such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Publications must be paperback, and cannot feature nudity, violence, maps, or information about manufacturing drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

3. Sending Email

To contact an inmate by email, you can use JPay, a paid service that allows you to send both email and money. The email is printed, reviewed by mailroom staff, and distributed along with the regular mail.

4. Sending Money

When you send money to a Benner Township SCI inmate via JPay, it is held in a trust account under the inmate's name and can be used to purchase items from the prison commissary. Note that a portion of any money sent to the inmate can be withheld for outstanding debt, fees, and fines.

5. Telephone Calls

SCI Benner Township uses a secure prepaid phone service, Securus, which allows inmates to call out of the facility; however, they do not permit incoming phone calls. To accept calls from an inmate at Benner Township prison, you will need to create a prepaid Securus account. Rates vary depending on your location. Expect to pay more for out-of-state calls. Calls can be a maximum of 15 minutes long, and Securus allows only $50.00 worth of time per call.

6. In-Person Visitation

Visitation hours at Benner Township State Correctional Institution are typically between 8:30am and 3:30pm Monday and Thursday-Sunday. These hours can vary depending on holidays, weather, public health emergencies, and other circumstances. Contact the prison by phone at least 3 days prior to schedule the visit.

Get In Touch With an Inmate Using DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you reach out to inmates at Benner Township State Correctional Institution and other facilities using our Connect With an Inmate tool. Our state-of-the-art app can help you find any inmate in any correctional institution in the U.S. with five easy steps:

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  5. If sending a personalized letter, tell us which facility your loved one is located in and what you would like to say to them. You can even include a photo! Your letter will be delivered automatically - just wait 10 days for it to arrive to your loved one!


Other DoNotPay Services

DoNotPay is here to make it easy for you to reach your imprisoned friends and family. In addition to helping you connect with inmates at virtually any prison or corrections facility in the U.S., we can assist with a host of other time-consuming and difficult tasks, including:

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