The Best Belgium Tourist Visa Guide

Tourist Visa Guide The Best Belgium Tourist Visa Guide

What Everyone Should Know About Belgium Tourist Visa

Are you craving some mouth-watering chocolate and waffles or fresh craft beer? No better way to make your wishes come true than setting off to Belgium! While it’s quite exciting to plan your trip and make a list of all the sights you want to see, administrative issues may cause some complications.

Our guide is here to make your Belgium tourist visa application a piece of cake by providing the essential info and speeding up the process as much as possible. We will also show you the quickest way to check if you have all the required documents by signing up for DoNotPay!

Do U.S. Citizens Need Tourist Visas for Belgium?

In general, U.S. citizens aren’t required to get a tourist visa for Belgium. This country belongs to the Schengen area, which is famous for being visa-free. The only document you need is a valid passport that has been issued at least three months before the trip.

There are a few exceptions based on travelers’ nationality and general situation. These refer to the internationals residing in the USA who:

  • Come from the countries that aren’t under the visa-free regime—including U.S. green card holders/permanent residents
  • Come from countries that are under the visa-free regime but who were denied entry to the EU before

These persons must file an application for a Schengen visa. It’s a short-term approval that allows specific travelers to stay in Belgium or any other country in the Schengen area as tourists for up to 90 days.

Belgium Tourist Visa Requirements in Brief

Here’s what you should prepare to request a Schengen visa:

  1. Completed Application for Schengen visa—It should be error-free, and you need two signed copies
  2. U.S. residence permit—It’s necessary for U.S. green card holders or permanent residents. This can be:
    1. U.S. alien registration card (green card)
    2. U.S. residence visa
    3. Whichever document you submit, make sure it has been valid for at least three months before the departure
  3. Valid passport containing two blank pages
  4. Passport-like photo not older than three months
  5. Cover letter stating your reasons for visiting Belgium, the amount of time you want to spend there, and other travel-related details
  6. Proof of a booked flight
  7. Proof of accommodation
  8. Means of Subsistence—It’s a document that confirms you have enough financial assets to support yourself during your trip, such as a bank statement or a letter of sponsorship
  9. Europe Travel Health Insurance

Additional Documentation

There are some extra documents you may have to submit depending on your employment status. You will find more details in the table below:

Applicant CategoryDocuments
Underage children
Foreign students
  • Form I-20
  • Reference letter from the educational institution the person is attending
Employed candidates
  • Employment contract
  • Bank statement from the last six months
  • Leave permission
  • Income Tax Return (IRS) form
Self-employed candidates
  • Income Tax Return (IRS)
  • Company bank statement not older than six months
  • Copy of the business license
Unemployed candidates married to U.S. citizens
  • Marriage certificate
  • Spouse’s passport
  • Spouse’s Confirmation of Employment letter not older than three months
  • Pension statement for the last six months

The rest of the required steps include:

  1. Setting an appointment with the appropriate Schengen visa application center
  2. Showing up for the arranged interview
  3. Paying the required visa fees
  4. Waiting for the decision to be made

Belgium Tourist Visa Fees

Visa application expenses may vary depending on the candidate’s age, status, or travel purposes. Check out the applicable fee range in the following table:

Applicants ThatCategories
Have to pay
  • Adults—$70
  • Children between six and twelve years of age—$41
  • Citizens of Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, or Kosovo who reside in the USA—$35
Don’t have to pay
  • Children below the age of six
  • Family members of EU/EEA nationals
  • Students and teachers who need visas for school trips

What Is the Belgium Tourist Visa Processing Time?

The embassy should inform you about the outcome of your visa application within ten to fifteen business days. During the peak season, this time frame may be slightly extended to 30 days or sometimes even more.

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