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Find a First-Rate Behavior Contract Template

Every class has a student that acts out and has trouble following instructions. When a child requires a bit more discipline and extra incentive to change their conduct, a behavior contract can help. You can create it yourself or find a reliable behavior contract template.

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What Is a Behavior Contract?

A behavior contract is an agreement between a student, a teacher, and usually a child’s parent. It outlines the expected behavior and rewards and disciplines accordingly. 

You should implement a behavior contract when a child:

  • Is disorganized
  • Exhibits continual behavioral problems
  • Fails to complete his or her daily school obligations, such as schoolwork, homework, or respectful interaction with classmates
  • Shows constant emotional difficulties, including anxiety and temper tantrums 
  • Displays rebellious behavior 

How To Implement a Behavior Contract?

The crucial point of creating a behavior contract is inspiring a student to act by it. That means you have to follow a specific procedure to ensure it will be well-received. Here are the steps you should take to induce positive change:

Steps for Implementing a Behavior Contract


Customize the contract Determine which aspects of the child’s behavior have to be addressed and make a plan for change. Whether you are creating or using a behavior contract template, you need to customize it to the particular situation and child’s personality and preferences 
Organize a meetingHold a meeting with a school counselor and the parents. Focus on one or two behavioral patterns the child should change. Emphasize that all the participants are there with the same goalto help the child
Indicate the consequencesDefine the tracking method for monitoring the progress and determine consequences of not following the agreement
Arrange a follow-up meetingSchedule a follow-up meeting in a few weeks with the involved participants to discuss the progress
Be consistent and patientMake sure to stick to the terms of the agreement and stay consistent when enforcing the rules. Some children need more time to demonstrate behavioral changes, so be patient and trust the system

What Should a Sample Behavior Contract Include?

Before choosing a behavior contract template, you must know what a comprehensive behavior contract should include. Take a look at its most important sections:

  1. A list of student’s reactions to be increased or reducedTry to set a positive tone when indicating behavioral goals. The desired or undesired behavior should be described in sufficient detail to prevent any potential disagreements
  2. An introductory clause/basic requirements—A statement or a section that explains the basic expectation for earning a reward
  3. Bonus and penalty clauses—Even if they are not mandatory, these clauses may provide an extra incentive for respecting the terms of the agreement
  4. Areas for signature—All participants—including the student, teacher, and parents—need to sign the document to show their commitment to the contract

Is There a Behavior Contract Template for Adults?

While behavior contracts are common in schools and hospitals, companies can use them as well. Every business sets an implied behavioral standard, but some managers choose to document it. Behavioral contracts in the business environment exist to:

  • Address the negative behavior in the office, such as aggressiveness and violent outbursts
  • Lay out the positive behavior the company would like to see in its employees, including ambition and adaptability

A behavioral contract template for adults usually includes:

  • A company’s statement that includes reasons for creating the contract
  • Standards of behavior towards customers, such as being patient, respectful, and efficient
  • General behavior requirements, including honesty, diligence, and willingness to accept constructive criticism
  • Involved parties’ signatures and the date

Where To Find a Behavior Contract Template?

Behavior contract templates are available and easily accessible online. If you type in “behavior contract template” in your browser, you can choose from a myriad of free contract forms. Before downloading any of them, make sure to:

  • Find the one that meets your requirements 
  • Check if the chosen template has the necessary sections
  • Customize it according to the situation

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