The Easiest Way to Claim a Refund from Barclays UK

Chargebacks and Refunds The Easiest Way to Claim a Refund from Barclays UK

Get Your Barclays UK Refund in Just 2 Minutes! 

Any victim of a scam or fraud while using Barclays Bank UK Online Banking or app is entitled to a refund for money taken from their account. This shouldn't be a point of contention. If you notify the bank of the unauthorised transaction from your account, they should be in a position to reverse the transaction immediately. The entire process is free and authentic. However, you can save time getting your Barclay UK refund with DoNotPay. We'll get your reimbursement from Barclays UK in seconds. Carefully read this article to the end to find out how.

How to Get a Barclays, UK Chargeback on Your Own 

If you've been expecting a refund or chargeback from Barclays but haven't gotten it, contact the firm to find out what's going on. Sometimes they take longer than usual to handle refunds, so inquire about any delays.

Also, you can get in touch with Telephone Banking at 0345 734 5345 (outside the UK +44 247 684 2100), and they will do their utmost best to assist you. Alternatively, for transactions made with your Barclays debit card, use the chargeback service (disputes service).

What other topics does the chargeback service cover? 

  1. If you're billed the wrong amount by accident.
  2. If you don't recognize a transaction and suspect it's a case of account fraud.

How to Obtain a Chargeback for a Barclays Debit Card Transaction 

Making a claim online is the quickest way; check the help with a transaction page for instructions. Also, you can call 0345 734 5345 (+44 24 7684 2100 outside the UK) to file a chargeback claim over the phone. The lines are open 24/7. They will monitor and record telephone conversations to provide high-quality service.

Please file your claim within 120 days (about four months) or 540 days (roughly 18 months) of the transaction date. The bank will require some purchase information, so keep your receipts safe.

Barclays UK Refund Policy 

Just like every other bank, Barclays Bank has its own refund guidelines. They include

  1. The customers should notify the bank about any unauthorised transaction within 13 months of the event. However, the bank may still approve your refund under various circumstances. 
  2. If you've been subject to an authorised push payment scam, please notify the bank as soon as practicable. What is an authorised push payment scam in this case? It occurs when:
  • You were duped into sending money to someone else.
  • You sent money for what you thought was a good motive, but it turned out to be a scam.
  1. You're entitled to a refund under the Direct Debit Guarantee if you terminate a Direct Debit by 5:30 pm on the business day before the bill is due and mistakenly make another payment.

How Long Would It Take To Obtain a Chargeback From Barclays UK? 

The bank will file a claim to the card system (Visa), and if your request is approved, they'll try to send the money within 30 days. Although, based on the Visa's warranty, the process may take longer. Here’s an overview of the time limits when you use your Visa for Barclays

Type of DisputeTime Limit
Goods or services defective or not as described120 days
Credit Not Processed120 days
Fraud120 days

Issues You Might Face When Claiming a Barclays UK Refund 

There are times when Barclays UK decides that you're not eligible for a refund or chargeback after reviewing your claim. These are if

  1. They suspect that you're trying to defraud them. Be cautious, they might call the cops in such a case.
  2. You transacted illegally, on purpose, or via extreme negligence.
  3. You made a payment before you informed them that your payment tools are lost, stolen, or compromised, unless
  • You used a credit facility, such as an overdraft, to make the payment.
  • The purchase was made online or over the phone.

Once you've informed the bank that a payment tool has been lost, stolen, or hacked, you won't be held accountable for any unapproved payments made from your account. If the bank determines that you're entitled to a refund, they might reverse or adjust it. 

Did You Know? 

In 2018, Barclays launched a substantial refund scheme (arrears assistance) for customers who had been charged interest on credit cards, loans, and overdrafts. But why should a large bank offer refunds to thousands of its customers? Barclays acknowledged that they failed to properly examine customer conditions after realising they were having financial challenges.

According to the Helpline, Barclays has been "collaboratively working" with their regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, on these returns. The typical refund is roughly £300, and they'll compensate their customers by decreasing their debt.

How to Get Arrears Assistance From Barclays, UK 

The bank sends the refund automatically to your account. Therefore, don't file a complaint or a refund request. Barclays UK will contact anyone impacted personally.

If you've relocated and changed your phone number, reach them at 0800 328 6932 and provide your updated contact information. However, if you experience issues reaching out to Barclays, please contact DoNotPay; we're happy to assist you. We have all of the answers to your questions about Barclays UK refunds.

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Get a Chargeback From Barclays, UK, Using DoNotPay 

Requesting a refund isn't always straightforward. Customer service on some websites is lacking, plus most companies will ignore your requests for a refund. However, try DoNotPay. We will prepare a chargeback letter and the legal chargeback code needed for your ACH payment or credit card. Eventually, you'll get your Barclays UK refund in just a few seconds.

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  2. Tell us which credit card (or ACH transfer) the payment was on, and enter the name of your bank and the merchant.


  3. Select the reason for your chargeback, and provide relevant details, including the charge amount, the charge date, a description of the payment, and any files you can upload as evidence.


Note: In most cases, you typically have 60-120 days from the charge date to file a valid chargeback.

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