Stay Ahead of the Game With DoNotPay’s Handbook on the Barber Shop Startup Cost

Small Business Loan Request Letter Stay Ahead of the Game With DoNotPay’s Handbook on the Barber Shop Startup Cost

The Barber Shop Startup Cost Formula—DoNotPay Fills In the Blanks

The male grooming industry has witnessed pivotal growth over the past decade. With a significant uptick in the demand for professional aestheticians for men, now is a good time to kickstart a barber shop.

The barber shop startup cost can range anywhere between $80,000 and $200,000, depending on your choice of location and the size of operations you’re aiming for. In this article, we will:

Startup Costs for a Barbershop—One-Off Capital Requirement

The standard male hairdressing and grooming establishments have undergone a renaissance in the past couple of years, giving rise to new elements in the mix of initial barber shop startup costs.

If you’re looking to open a small- to medium-scale male salon in the U.S., you will be looking at a host of one-time expenses, like the ones outlined in this cost sheet:

Capital InvestmentAverage CostRemarks
Registration, permit, and licenses$700–$1,000Barbers have to follow the regulations and licensing requirements in every state in the U.S.
Office spaceVariesIf you’re renting space, the security deposit will be higher in high-demand locations. Constructing or buying your own shop can cost between $300–$700 per square foot
Utility deposits$3,000May vary from state to state
Equipment and gadgets$20,000Includes fixed assets, like:

  • Hairdressing supplies
  • Cosmetology equipment
  • Standard office fixtures
  • Sanitation devices
Furniture$15,000–$50,000Barber shops attract initial customers at face value, so investing in visually appealing furniture goes a long way
Business consultancy$3,000Includes cost for getting a viable business plan etched out as part of loan qualifiers
Website development$600–$1,500This also covers the domain registration cost
Promotion$5,000Promotion includes expenses for:

  • Flyers
  • Social media advertisement
  • Opening event

If you’re looking to open a franchise unit, the initial fee is usually upwards of $40,000.

Barber Shop Startup Expenses—Working Capital Commitment

Once you’ve set up your establishment, you will need liquid capital to manage the recurring costs accruing monthly or quarterly. Here are some of the prominent expenditure points to help you budget with prudence:

Cost CentreApproximate Expenses for the First Quarter
Salaries$60,000 (can be higher if you hire professionals instead of assistants)
Utility bills$2,500
Inventory$5,000–$20,000 (depends on the frequency at which you exhaust the supplies)
Ongoing promotion$6,000–$10,000 (varies with need)
Miscellaneous services$15,000

The above costs are mere estimates based on figures across the country. The actual outlay involved is influenced by your target location. Your initial and sustenance costs rise exponentially if you seek to open your spot in a posh area, a bustling neighborhood, or a business hotspot.

Do Loans Cover Working Capital Needs?

If your venture doesn’t make a profit right away, you have to rely on loans for startups or small businesses to meet the overall working capital commitment. Some of the best banks for small business loans readily sanction recurring expenses for the first three to six months of operation as long as your paperwork is in order.

Funding Solutions for a Barber Shop Startup

Before starting your barber shop, it’s imperative to stay informed on the financing options available to you—here are the major ones:

  1. SBA loans—These loans are provided by a bank but guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Based on your fixed and working capital needs, you can opt for 7(a) or 504 loans with generous term lengths
  2. Conventional bank loans—Conventional bank loans are based on guarantees and collateral. Unlike SBA loans, they may not have special perks for startups
  3. Alternative loans—Many credit unions and private financial institutions offer asset-founded loans and lease financing options to small businesses, but the interest rates can be higher than bank loans

To get a loan for any startup, the most important facilitator is a robust application letter that sells your idea to the lender. While assessing the viability of investing in your startup, a bank’s underwriter will check your application for the following:

  • The service you will provide
  • The loan terms and conditions compliance of the documents you submit
  • Your revenue structure
  • The period within which you anticipate revenue

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A shabby application letter that reflects under-preparation is one of the top reasons why small business loan applicants get rejected.

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Fail-Proof Plan for a Barber Shop Startup—Tips

Barber shops enjoy a current market size of five billion dollars and an annualized growth rate of 5.1% in the U.S. Sustaining and flourishing your startup will be easy if you plan your expenses diligently and have good foresight.

Here are some tips that can help you thrive:

  1. Avoid overspending on advertising
  2. Don’t hire more workforce than necessary
  3. Save some funds for contingencies, like malfunctioning equipment or the pandemic

As advised by experienced barber shop owners, forging instant camaraderie with new customers and strategic promotions help you last longer by:

  • Building a quick client base
  • Carving a niche service
  • Generating steady funds to:
    • Slow down the burn rate of your investment
    • Paying off your loans

What if I Need More Funding Down the Line?

Whether you need to expand your shop or need temporary credit, DoNotPay can always help you find the best small business loans available. When you’re already running a business, you can also sell your current and future receivables to lenders and get quick funds.

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