All You Need To Know About the Barbados Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa Guide All You Need To Know About the Barbados Tourist Visa

A Complete Guide to the Barbados Tourist Visa

If you’re eager to explore the tropical country that invented rum, you should first become acquainted with the paperwork that will enable you to do so.

DoNotPay explains whether a Barbados tourist visa is necessary to enter the country and what the other entry requirements entail!

Do U.S. Citizens Need a Barbados Tourist Visa?

No, U.S. citizens don't need a tourist visa to visit Barbados. All you need to enter the country is a valid U.S. passport with one blank page and proof of the estimated departure date, for example, a return ticket. You can stay without a tourist visa in Barbados for up to six months.

Does Barbados Impose COVID-19 Restrictions?

To enter Barbados, you have to abide by the following restrictions:

  1. Entrances are permitted only to tourists who show a
    1. Negative PCR test that was taken no later than three days before arrival
    2. Proof of recovery within 90 days that preceded the arrival date
  2. You’re required to wear a mask in all public spaces in Barbados
  3. Beaches are open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day

At the time of writing this article, rapid testing for tourists after arriving in Barbados costs about $50 in public facilities, while getting tested at a private facility requires you to spend up to $300.

As the situation regarding the pandemic is constantly evolving, you should check the COVID-19 Information page on the Barbadian Embassy’s website.

Local Laws in Barbados

Even though it’s a tropical paradise and a country people visit to relax, you can face immense penalties if you break the following local laws:

  • People are not allowed to wear clothes or carry objects featuring a camouflage pattern. This law applies even to children
  • LGBTI relations are illegal in Barbados. Although the law is not always applied in practice, getting caught involving in LGTBI relations can get you a life sentence
  • Topless bathing on public beaches is prohibited in Barbados

Other precautions you should take to ensure a safe and stress-free vacation are:

  • Bring mosquito repellent with you, and don’t forget to put it on. Mosquitoes can infect you with the Zika, dengue, and chikungunya viruses
  • The following areas can be unsafe to reside in because of frequent crime, so you should try to avoid them:
    • Nelson
    • Crab Hill
    • Wellington Streets

Who Can You Contact if You Have Any Questions About Your Trip to Barbados?

The Barbadian diplomatic missions can assist you in your preparations for your trip to Barbados, and you can contact them using the information from the table below:

Diplomatic MissionPhone NumberEmail
Embassy of Barbados in Washington
Consulate of Barbados in
Consulate General of Barbados in
Barbadian Honorary Consulate in San
Consulate of Barbados in
Barbadian Consulate General in New
Barbadian Honorary Consulate in Houston
  • 713-313-7024
  • 832-725-5566

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Barbados—Travel Recommendations

Don’t be deceived by the country’s small surface area. This tropical paradise island is filled with places to explore, and we hand-picked some for you to check out:

BeachesGardens and ParksRestaurants
  • Bottom Bay Beach
  • Folkestone Marine Park & Museum
  • The Beaches of Carlisle Bay
  • Crane Beach
  • Bathsheba Bay
  • Flower Forest
  • Welchman Hall Gully
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve
  • Andromeda Botanic Gardens
  • Hunte's Gardens
  • Blue Pineapple
  • Cala Roca
  • Cafe Luna
  • Almond Shak Deli
  • Fish Pot

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