How to Reserve a Table at Bar Frites Without a Credit Card

How to Reserve a Table at Bar Frites Without a Credit Card

George Poll, Restaurateurs, and Gillis are names behind the hip urban bistro known as Bar Frites. The restaurant has an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Also, the establishment's big globe lights hanging from the gold-colored tin ceiling, antique mirrors, white tiled walls, and wooden tables are sure to make one feel transported to Northern France in a moment.

The Bar Frites menu offers Gillis & George Poll's take on Bistro fare, including the classics and great comfort food dishes. Some of the restaurant's fan favorites include steamed mussels served with pomme fries, burgers, Croque monsieur, and steak fries.

On the other hand, sautéed skate, escargot, lardons salad, and frisée are some of the bistro classics. It is also interesting to note that any night of the week at Bar Frite can be interesting. That is as a result of the Plats du Jour featuring Coq au Vin, Bouillabaisse, and Côte de Boeuf, just to mention a few.

The implication here is that you are sure to find comfort and culinary pleasure at Bar Frites, whatever your taste or mood. The establishment is open each day for lunch and dinner and is an irresistible option for those looking for a place to enjoy Saturday or Sunday brunch.

is also an ideal restaurant any time and for any occasion. The reason is that the back dining room is perfect for private events and parties, and during warmer months, the covered outdoor dining area becomes an appealing option.

Credit Card Issuers With Provision for Creating Burner Cards Useable at Bar Frites

Credit card fraud has been on the rise. However, the implementation of chipped EMV credit cards has eliminated a significant portion of card-present (CP) fraud. The idea behind developing burner cards by card issuers and third-party firms is to combat CNP fraud.

In simple terms, burner cards are randomly generated, single-use credit card numbers that can prevent access to your real financial information by fraudsters. Note that PayPal was part of the sources of burner cards some time back but has since discontinued the service.

Today, only a few major credit card issuers provide the ability to create burner cards that one can use for online shopping and at restaurants like . Here are a few details on some of these card issuers.

American Express

In the case of American Express, the American Express Go™ program is responsible for offering burner cards. Understand that these cards are only available for American Express business credit cards. So, primary account holders can create virtual cards for workers online.

Controlling and managing the spending limits of employees is also possible in this case. Below are some of the cards that qualify for burner card numbers.

American Express® Business Gold Card

The following conditions apply:

  • An annual fee of $295 will apply.
  • Spending $10,000 on eligible purchases with the Business Gold Card within the first three months of card membership allows one to earn 80,000 Membership Rewards® points.
  • You get 25% points back when you book your flight with American Express Travel using Membership Rewards® Pay points.
  • Other purchases attract 1X Membership Rewards® points.

Business Platinum Card® from American Express

The conditions that apply, in this case, are as follows:

  • A $695 yearly fee applies.
  • Spending $15,000 on eligible purchases with your card within the first three months of card membership allows you to earn 150,000 Membership Rewards® points.
  • You will get 35% points back after using Membership Rewards® Pay Points for all or part of an eligible fare.
  • The American Express Global Lounge Collection® allows you to access over 1,300 lounges across 140 countries and counting.
  • You can get a maximum of $200 in statement credits every calendar year for baggage fees and other incidentals charged by an airline to your Business Platinum Card® after selecting one qualifying airline.

Capital One

All Capital One credit cards can access burner cards through Eno®. The latter is an "intelligent assistant" that helps Capital One clients with various tasks. You need to have a computer and the Eno® extension for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to use Eno® to create a virtual credit card number.

How to Get a Burner Credit Card Using DoNotPay

Signing up with DoNotPay can get you a burner card you can use to reserve a table at Bar Frites. Here is the process you should follow in this case.

  • Search "Reservation Credit Card" on DoNotPay.

  • Tell us the name of the hotel, restaurant, or other services you want to use this card for.

Reasons for Using DoNotPay to Get Burner Cards

  • It Is Easy – Opting to use DoNotPay means that you do not need to fill out tedious forms. Also, keeping track of every step involved in getting burner cards will be unnecessary.
  • It Yields Success – The assistance you access when applying for burner cards usable at Bar Frites through DoNotPay guarantees success.
  • Speed – It takes a shorter period to get burner cards using DoNotPay.

Other DoNotPay Applications

Aside from Bar Frites, we can also assist you with the following inquiries:

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Helping you book reservations is only a drop in the bucket of our services. These are just a few examples of how we can advocate for you:

Reserving a table at Bar Frites using a burner card protects your account information, which is critical in this day and age. If you need help applying for a burner card, sign up with DoNotPay today!

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