Bank Power of Attorney—Draft Your POA for Banking Purposes in a Snap!

Create a Power of Attorney Bank Power of Attorney—Draft Your POA for Banking Purposes in a Snap!

Bank Power of Attorney Deciphered

Looking for relevant info about a bank power of attorney and a quick way to draft one? DoNotPay got you covered! We’ll provide you with all the necessary details you should know about a power of attorney for banking purposes and show you how to draw up legal documents in minutes!

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Power of Attorney Types

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows an agent to make decisions in your stead. There are various different types of POA documents. Check out the table below for the specific POA types:

POA TypeDescription
General power of attorneyThis type of POA document allows an agent to represent you in financial matters as long as you’re in a good mental state. In case you become mentally incapable of making decisions, the agreement will end
Durable power of attorneyThe durable POA stays in effect even after you become incapacitated. It’s used to handle legal, financial, and property matters
Limited power of attorneyWith the limited POA, you can grant the agent clearly specified powers. You can also make the agreement time-limited so that it lasts for the specific period of time that works for you
Financial power of attorneyThe financial POA gives the agent permission to deal with your finances, bills, and real estate matters. It can be:

  • Effective immediately
  • Sprung (effective once you become incapacitated)

What Is a Power of Attorney for Banking Transactions?

A power of attorney for banking transactions is a POA that allows a trusted agent to deal with your bank account(s) on your behalf. If you want to set up a power of attorney in a way that allows someone to make bank transactions in your stead, your POA has to specifically state that. You can hire a lawyer to help you with the details, but keep in mind that they can be quite expensive.

What Powers Can I Transfer With the Bank Power of Attorney?

You can transfer various powers to your trusted agent with this type of POA, including the power to:

  • Draw, sign, endorse, and deposit checks in any of your accounts
  • Issue, draw, sign, accept, endorse, and discount bills of exchange, promissory notes, etc.
  • Apply for ATM cards and other credit cards and use them on your behalf
  • Withdraw any deposits, shares, bonds, and any other funds currently deposited with you or received by you
  • Execute any transfer from your account to other parties or the attorney’s account at various banks
  • Apply for the sale or purchase of any shares, bonds, and other commercial contracts
  • Rent safe deposit boxes with the right to open them and receive any of their contents
  • Carry out all transactions with your bank, including issuing instructions and signing contracts, settlements, and other documents in relation to the matters mentioned in this POA

What Should My Banking Power of Attorney Include?

If you decide to draft your POA on your own, you should know what clauses it must include. Your banking power of attorney should cover the following sections:

  1. Names—Full names of both you and the agent
  2. The effective date—The date of the POA agreement going into effect
  3. Details about the agent—All relevant details about the agent, including the contact info and their address
  4. The type of POA—Description of the POA agreement type
  5. Instructions for the agent—Any instructions you want the agent to follow in your absence

Writing a power of attorney by yourself, as any other legal document, requires too much time and effort. Luckily, you can draw up a banking power of attorney with our help without spending a ton of money! All you need to do is provide us with the required info regarding you and your agreement, and you’re golden. Why not let DoNotPay help cut your work in half by generating your POA in your stead?

Draft Your Bank Power of Attorney With DoNotPay in a Flash!

Spending hours writing your power of attorney document seems like a waste of time when you can draft it with DoNotPay in minutes! All you have to do is complete the following instructions to get started:

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If you want to write a power of attorney letter, we’re happy to show you how! DoNotPay can also provide answers to various POA-related questions, such as:

Does a Power of Attorney for Bank Accounts Need To Be Notarized?

Powers of attorney, in most states, have to be notarized. There is more than one way to get your POA notarized, and it doesn’t have to include an in-person visit to a notary.

DoNotPay offers you the option to get your POA notarized from the comfort of your home or office. Once you draw up your document with the world’s first robot lawyer, you can choose to get your POA notarized online and kill two birds with one app!

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