Prepare Your Baltimore County Divorce Forms Swiftly

The Essential Baltimore County Divorce Forms for a Quickie Divorce

Are you looking for a quick and painless way to get a divorce in Baltimore County? The essence of a fast divorce is being familiar with the procedure and filing the appropriate paperwork.

If you want to know which Baltimore County divorce forms to prepare and how to complete them, we have the information you need. This article will show you how to get a low-cost divorce according to Maryland laws!

What Should I Know About the Baltimore County Divorce Procedure?

Before you file for divorce in Baltimore County, MD, you need to know the available options. Having all the facts straight will help you decide which course of action to take and how to avoid making a mistake.

The key points you should consider when ending your marriage in Baltimore County are:

  1. What type of divorce you want to file for
  2. Which residential requirements you have to meet
  3. What grounds you’re basing your divorce on

Types of Divorce

There are two types of divorces in Maryland:

  • Limited—It is similar to legal separation in other states. The court will have to resolve specific issues for you (such as finances and child custody) before you can file for an absolute divorce. Note that limited divorce presents a temporary solution and doesn’t end your marriage legally
  • Absolute—At the end of the process, all divorce terms will be settled, and your marriage will be legally terminated

Residential Requirements

To file for divorce in Baltimore County, one or both spouses have to be Maryland residents. The length of your residency depends on where the grounds for the divorce occurred. If the reasons happened in Maryland, you only need to live there currently. In case the grounds occurred outside of Maryland, you or your spouse have to reside in the state for at least six months before filing.

You and your partner should also live separately for a minimum of 12 months before filing for absolute no-fault-based divorce. A fault-based divorce doesn’t require a waiting period.

Grounds for Divorce

If you want to divorce in Baltimore County, you have to provide specific grounds (reasons) for ending the marriage. Some of those grounds can be based on fault (meaning you hold your spouse responsible for the divorce), while you may also claim that neither spouse is to blame (no-fault divorce).

If you want to file for an absolute divorce, you can use the following grounds:

  • Separation or mutual consent (no-fault divorce)
  • Adultery, imprisonment for a crime, insanity, desertion, or cruel behavior (fault-based divorce)

Bear in mind that no-fault divorces are typically quicker and less expensive. You can even skip the one-year waiting period if you claim mutual consent, provided you:

  • Define all terms of the divorce with your spouse before filing
  • Outline the agreed-upon items in a written marital settlement agreement

If you and your spouse can’t settle your issues straight away, a divorce lawyer or a mediator can help you reach an understanding eventually.

Which Baltimore County Divorce Forms Do I Need for a Quickie Divorce?

Filing for an uncontested divorce (where you and your spouse agree on all terms) requires you to prepare specific documents. Take a look at the table below for more details:

Necessary DocumentsDetails
Divorce formsYou can find the right forms, along with the instructions for completing them, on the Maryland courts divorce page. The documents you have to prepare typically include:
  • Complaint for Absolute Divorce
  • Financial statements
  • Civil Domestic Information Report
  • Child support worksheets (if you have children)
Marital settlement agreementA mutual consent divorce in Baltimore County has to include a written marital settlement agreement along with other documentation. The document has to cover:
  • Division of marital property and debts you owe as a couple
  • Alimony (whether there will be any and, if so, how much)
  • Custody and child support (if applicable)
  • Health insurance and other issues you deem important

A marital settlement agreement includes specific terminology and can be difficult to create if your situation is complicated. Hiring a lawyer is one option, but spouses who are unable to pay for their pricey services often resort to using online templates.

We offer the perfect middle ground between a lawyer’s expertise and the affordability of online divorce services. and get a professional marital settlement agreement at a low price!

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