Bad Neighbors—Learn What To Do Legally To Solve the Problem

Neighbor Complaints Bad Neighbors—Learn What To Do Legally To Solve the Problem

How To Deal With Bad Neighbors and What To Do Legally

When someone says they have a bad neighbor, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are a psychopath or have a meth lab in their apartment—even though it’s not excluded. A bad neighbor can be someone who annoys you because they are noisy or have a dog that doesn’t stop barking.

In this article, you can learn how to recognize different types of bad neighbors and what to do legally to make their annoying behavior stop.

If the problem is persistent, you should sign up for DoNotPay to create a demand letter against your neighbors.

Types of Annoying Neighbors

Whether you find a behavior annoying depends solely on you, but there are certain types of neighbor behaviors that grind everyone’s gears. Check out several types of annoying neighbors in the table below:

Types of Annoying Neighbors


The party peopleThis category is usually reserved for the younger population. These neighbors often lack consideration and don’t regard the quiet hours. They are likely to throw a party or have band practice in the middle of the week or after hours
The passionate coupleThere are two sides to this type of annoying neighbors, and you can’t decide which one is worse—hearing screaming and breaking of dishes when fighting or having loud sex.

If it’s the former, you can—and you should—call the police if you suspect domestic abuse

The gourmet cookWhether you enjoy the smell of home-cooked meals or not, we can all agree it’s not ideal when it comes through your window while you’re trying to dry your freshly washed laundry, setting up the mood for your spa night, or feeling sick and nauseous
The creepy/crazy neighborMany people have that one neighbor that makes comments every time they walk by. This neighbor seems to have an opinion on everything and is willing to share it with everyone
The gossip girlThese are the signs of a tattletale neighbor:

  • Is usually an older lady
  • Watches through the window all the time
  • Knows everyone’s comings and goings
  • Spreads rumors as quick as a flash
The noisy neighborBeing loud is not reserved strictly for the party people neighbor type. Renovations, home repairs, loud pets, and even louder children can be extremely annoying. Especially when it’s seven o’clock in the morning on a Sunday. The best way to deal with this and the party people type of neighbor is to send a complaint letter about the noise

How To Deal With Difficult Neighbors

Whether they are annoying the standard amount or it evolves into harassment, we recommend trying some of the following methods for dealing with inconsiderate neighbors:

  1. Communicate about the problem—Communication can be a solution to many problems, including this one. Your neighbor might not be that great at parenting, and you can’t do anything about that, but you can ask them to turn down the volume when yelling. Ask Bob the Builder to leave drilling for the more appropriate time of the day and that DJ enthusiast to turn it down a notch
  2. Ask your landlord for help—If you have a landlord, ask them to help you handle the situation. They may be the owner of the troublemaker’s apartment, and they can talk to them. If not, they can install a security alarm system or change your locks if you’re afraid for your safety and privacy
  3. Document neighbor harassment—Whether you plan on filing a report or lawsuit, keeping notes of problematic neighbor behavior is smart. Take notes, pictures, audio, and video records—they will serve as strong evidence when filing a complaint letter or pursuing legal action if it comes to that
  4. Contact local authorities—Sometimes, a situation can get out of hand. When that happens, you should file a police report or call 911 to get them to resolve your problem on location
  5. Check the zoning and ordinance laws—If your neighbor crosses a line—both literal and figurative—you should examine your state’s rules and zoning and ordinance laws for dealing with these situations. In case your neighbor violates the law, you can take them to a small court and seek damages or an injunction

How To Handle Bad Neighbors—Draft a Demand Letter Using DoNotPay!

Discussing the problem didn’t help? Don’t worry—there is another option! You can use DoNotPay to create a demand letter and send it to your mean or annoying neighbor. This letter serves as another chance for them to correct the problematic behavior before you take more severe action.

To inform your bad neighbor about the legal actions you might take, open DoNotPay and follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Neighbor Complaints tool
  2. Describe the type of problems your neighbor is causing you
  3. Provide more details about the incidents

You won’t have to endure your problem much longer—we will draft a demand letter instantly!

Useful Tips on How To Annoy Neighbors Legally

Are you looking for legal ways to annoy neighbors? Want to know how to get rid of bad neighbors or how to get back at them legally? If you’re the vengeful kind, you can try being a bad neighbor yourself:

  • Turn the volume up
  • Mow your lawn as soon as the sun comes up
  • Park your car in their favorite parking spot
  • Learn how to play bongos in your bedroom
  • Invite your friends over for a loud dish sesh
  • Install a basketball hoop in your living room

If you choose to go down this road, make sure to double-check the local rules and regulations so you don’t end up with a demand letter yourself.

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