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Axis Clinical Trials is a medical research company from Los Angeles, CA. They organize clinical trials with a special focus on Phase I tests. Axis has its own research facility located at 1636 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90017.

Their staff includes professors at UCLA and doctors from Olympia Medical Center, City of Hope, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Some of the sponsors of Axis’ trials are GSK, Galderma, Can Fite Biopharma, Novartis, etc.

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Types of Axis Clinical Studies

Many people think that clinical trials, by definition, involve tests of new drugs or medical procedures. While there are many studies oriented towards getting approval for new treatments or new applications of existing treatments, clinical trials can include different subcategories:

  1. Diagnostic trials focus on finding new or better ways to detect specific diseases in their early stages to increase chances of successful treatment
  2. Prevention trials are dedicated to researching risk factors related to certain conditions and how they change depending on various population groups
  3. Quality-of-life trials emphasize the research of new ways to improve the life quality of existing patients, usually by alleviating severe negative side effects of different treatments

When it comes to areas of medical expertise, Axis has experience with trials in these fields:

Axis Clinical Trials


Internal Medicine


Obstetrics and gynecologyOncologySleep Disorders
Smoking CessationPediatricsUrology

Phases of Clinical Trials

Before you start searching for clinical trials, it is best to get acquainted with different stages of clinical research. Before testing new treatments on willing human subjects, there must be extensive preclinical research involving laboratory and animal tests.

Once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews the results of preclinical research, the next step on the road to the final approval and marketing is testing on existing patients, healthy volunteers, or both. These tests or clinical trials are categorized into three phases:



Test Group Size


  • Focus is on finding the best dosage of the new medicine (or treatment) that won’t compromise the patient’s health status
  • Another priority is finding the best way to administer the new treatment



  • This phase involves additional safety and effectiveness research within larger test groups
  • Comparing the new treatment with existing options is usually avoided in Phase II

Several hundred


  • Researchers compare the new treatment with existing standards
  • Some Phase III trials use the randomized approach (administer new and existing treatments or a placebo to test subjects randomly)
  • This phase usually takes the longest

Up to 3,000

If the new treatment or process proves effective, it is sent to the FDA for final approval. Even though there are numerous new medical discoveries each year, only around 14% of the developed treatments get approved by this federal agency and end up on the market.

The research doesn’t stop after approval. Phase IV clinical trials monitor how successful the treatment is in the general population and whether there are long-term negative effects.

Risks and Benefits of Axis Clinical Trials

How risky a clinical trial is, depends on many factors. The earlier the phase, the more risk it carries. Cancer clinical trials are generally more dangerous than, say, CBD trials.

That’s why you should always research the particular trial you’re interested in, consult your healthcare provider, and ask many questions before you sign the informed consent form at the facility.

You can find the overview of general risks and benefits in the table below:



  • Possible financial gain for time and travel
  • Helping future patients and science
  • Advanced medical care
  • Access to new treatments
  • Leaving the trial with no repercussions
  • Severe or previously unknown side effects
  • Randomization (you might not get the treatment and not know about it)
  • Undergoing unpleasant medical tests and procedures

Where Else Can I Find Axis Clinical Trials?

Some of the best clinical trial resources besides DoNotPay are listed in the following table. For your safety, make sure to use the search platforms sponsored by or belonging to official medical institutions.




  • 800+ available studies
  • Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  • More than 350,000 clinical trials in all 50 states
  • Access to ongoing and upcoming studies

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