All About Atlassian Cloud's Terms of Service

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Everything About Atlassian Cloud's Terms of Service

More and more businesses are moving their operations to the cloud for various reasons. One of the options you can consider in this case is Atlassian Cloud. The platform offers several benefits including;

  • Accelerated innovation.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Ease of management.
  • Increased reliability.

Additionally, if a platform that grows with your business, integrates with your in-house tools, and gets smarter and faster each day is part of your priorities, consider investing in Atlassian Cloud services. Also, remember to review while you are at it to know what to expect.

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What Do Atlassian Terms of Service Cover?

  1. Expanded Coverage Addendum - Particular qualifying cloud products are subject to the expanded coverage addendum.
  1. Cloud Products - govern its related support, cloud products, and additional services. The terms include Atlassian policies, your orders, product-specific terms, and Atlassian privacy policy.
  1. Product-Specific Terms - Note that some cloud products may be subject to additional terms relating to them as per the product-specific terms. Also, understand that you need to agree to the product-specific terms in this case.

Inclusions and Restrictions for Your Atlassian Cloud Product Subscriptions


Doing the following is prohibited except as otherwise expressly permitted in Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service.

  • Disseminating information regarding the performance of Atlassian cloud products in public.
  • Creating, reproducing, adapting, or modifying derivative works of the cloud products.
  • Using the cloud products to build competitive products or for competitive analysis.
  • Transferring, renting, sublicensing, distributing, selling, or providing access to Atlassian Cloud products to a third party.
  • Obscuring or removing any proprietary or other notices contained in any cloud product.

Access to Cloud Products

Accessing and using cloud products for personal or business purposes is possible during the applicable subscription term and is subject to Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service. That includes the right to download and use the client software associated with cloud products as part of your authorized use of the latter.

Note that these rights are non-transferable, non-exclusive, and non-sublicensable.


Services policy, enterprise support, and the support policy will dictate the help you will access when necessary over the term of your subscription.

Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service That Apply to Your Data

Removals and Suspension

Atlassian Cloud has no obligation to monitor content uploaded to its cloud products. However, violation of Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service and policies will make such action necessary.

Also, in response to takedown requests received following guidelines for reporting copyright and trademark violations, Atlassian Cloud may do the following;

  1. Suspend your access to cloud products.
  2. Remove your data from cloud products.

Note that Atlassian Cloud will use reasonable efforts to notify you in advance about removals and suspensions. However, sometimes, your actions may endanger the operations of other users or the cloud product you are using. In that case, Atlassian Cloud may suspend your access or remove your data from the cloud product.

Using Your Data to Provide Cloud Products

When you opt for Atlassian Cloud, you retain all interest, right, and titles in and to your data in the form submitted to the cloud products.

You also give the company the worldwide, limited-term license to display, access, export, use, perform, process, distribute, and copy your data subject to Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service.

Understand that the foregoing license also includes the right to make modifications and derivative works to the extent that reformatting your data in a cloud product constitutes a derivative or modification work.

Atlassian Cloud may also access your cloud products, accounts, and end-user accounts with end-user permission to respond to your support requests.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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Reviewing Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service when considering the services vendor you should choose allows you to access important information to guide your decision-making process. On the other hand, if you want to analyze terms and services, you only need to with DoNotPay today!

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