Arlington County Property Tax Assessments Explained

Reducing Property Taxes Arlington County Property Tax Assessments Explained

The Nitty-Gritty of Arlington County Property Tax Assessments

When you’re buying real estate, you should be prepared for paying property taxes every year, long after you’ve paid off your mortgage. There are several ways to lower your property tax bill, one of which includes lowering the value of your property. To do that, first, you need to understand how your property’s value is established.

In this article, you can learn all about Arlington County property tax assessments, exemptions you’re eligible for, and the best way to file a property tax appeal.

What Is a Property Tax Assessment?

Tax assessors in every state and county organize property tax assessments to determine the value of every commercial and residential real estate in their jurisdiction. They can perform evaluations annually or every several years. The value of a property depends on several factors, including:

  • Location
  • Year of construction
  • Neighboring properties
  • Size of the property and surrounding land
  • General condition
  • Permanent constructions on the property

How Do Arlington Property Tax Assessors Evaluate a Property?

Tax assessors in Arlington County, Virginia, perform property evaluations every year. To determine the value of a property, they use three approaches:

  1. Sales comparison approach—Comparing your property to similar properties—both sale price and other factors—sold during the same appraisal period
  2. Cost approach—Estimating the expenses needed to replace the property with similar features. In case the property is not new, the assessor has to estimate how much value the property’s lost and deduct it from replacement costs
  3. Income approach—Determining the profit you would gain from the property if you were to rent it. The assessor should consider taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, and the profits people usually gain from the rental. This approach is usually used for commercial real estate

What Does the Arlington Property Tax Assessment Process Look Like?

Here is how officials in Arlington County carry out property tax assessments:

  1. Assessors visit properties across the county
  2. They perform sales analysis for the neighborhood to bring assessed values in line with market values
  3. The Department of Real Estate Assessments reviews the values
  4. The department posts the assessment values on the website and mails them to owners

If you catch a mistake or you're unsatisfied with your assessment, you can:

  • Contact appraisal personnel to inform them about irregularities
  • File for an administrative review of assessment
  • File a property tax appeal with the Board of Equalization

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Tips and Tricks for Lowering Your Tax Bill During the Arlington Property Tax Assessment

Even though Arlington County has a 0.90% property tax rate—which is below the national average—many property owners may still need help paying property taxes. We compiled a list of strategies for lowering property tax bills you can apply before and during your property tax assessment:

  • Check the market value of the properties in your area—Because of the sales comparison approach, the value of your property should be somewhat similar to the values of other properties in the neighborhood. Knowing other properties’ values will help you notice any discrepancies more quickly
  • Refrain from renovations and new constructions on the property—The better your property looks, the higher the value. That is why you should try to avoid repairs before the scheduled assessment
  • Be present during the evaluation—Your local tax assessor might make a seemingly trivial mistake during the assessment. You should walk around the property with the assessor to prevent or minimize the mistakes
  • Allow interior inspection of the house—You are not obligated to allow the assessor inside your house, but it is in your best interest to do so. Why? If the assessor doesn’t know what the inside of the property looks like, they might rely on the records from previous years when your house and its features looked different

What Property Tax Exemptions Does Arlington County Offer?

Knowing your qualifications for property tax exemptions can expedite the process of lowering your tax bill. In the following table, you can find Arlington County property tax exemptions and their eligibility criteria:

Property Tax Exemption

Who Is Eligible?

Disabled veterans exemptionVeterans with total and permanent disabilities that are 100% service-connected
Disabled people and senior citizens exemptionHomeowners who are disabled or 65 years old or older
Surviving spouse exemptionSurviving spouses of members of the Armed Forces killed in action, who haven’t remarried and use the property as their primary place of residence

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