Are Churches Exempt From Property Taxes?

Reducing Property Taxes Are Churches Exempt From Property Taxes?

Are Churches Exempt From Property Taxes? Mystery Solved

Homeowners and other property holders are obliged to pay annual property taxes to the local government. These amounts can be challenging to cope with, even if you live in a state with low property taxes. The same applies to numerous organizations, but some of them—usually non-profit ones—manage to qualify for tax relief.

Are churches exempt from property taxes, given that they are non-profit organizations? This article has the answers to this and many more tax-related questions. We can help you find out if you qualify for any property tax exemption, which may lower your taxes and help you pay your taxes more easily!

Are Churches Exempt From Paying Property Taxes?

Churches enjoy the status of public charities in all U.S. states. Even though they can have a considerable income, they qualify for almost all tax exemptions, including property tax relief. 

What Is the Unrelated Business Income Tax?

The only situation when churches aren’t exempt from property taxes is when they participate in certain business ventures unrelated to their religious purpose. In such cases, they must pay the unrelated business income tax (UBIT). 

Any church which gains more than $1,000 by participating in unrelated businesses must complete and submit an Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return, also known as Form 990-T

The list of unrelated business activities doesn’t include:

  • Advertising
  • Volunteer labor
  • Convenience of members
  • Donated merchandise sale
  • Low-cost giveaways
  • Donor list rental or exchange

What Qualifies as a Church?

To become exempt from property taxes, a religious organization must qualify as a church. 

Besides the places of worship of the most common religions—Christians, Muslims, Judaists, etc.—church-related integrated auxiliaries and associations are also considered churches. They are exempt from paying state, local, or federal taxes, including the property ones.

Different organizations that consider themselves churches must align with specific criteria provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be eligible for property tax exemptions. Here’s the list of requirements:

  1. The organization must have its religious history and specific legal existence
  2. There must be a verified form of worship
  3. The organization members should form their ecclesiastical government body
  4. The candidate organization has already established its places of worship
  5. There are Sunday schools for providing religious instructions to children
  6. The entity is independent, which means it shouldn’t be connected to any other similar organization
  7. There are ordained ministers who need to finish appropriate studies
  8. The organization offers related literature and establishes regular religious services and congregations

Once the IRS decides that a particular organization meets all the requirements, the community qualifies for a total tax exemption. It doesn’t need to submit any requests or applications for tax relief, as the exemption applies automatically. 

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