How to Find the Best Apple Repair Prices

Quote My Repair How to Find the Best Apple Repair Prices

How to Find the Best Apple Repair Prices

Since it was founded in 1976, Apple has grown exponentially. Dozens of products fill the market with the Apple brand, from iPhones to MacBooks, and even watches. Just because they're well-made and ever-popular, though, does not mean you won't have any Apple repair disasters to recover from now or in the future.

DoNotPay can assist you with any repairs you need, whether they're for devices from Apple or Samsung, or larger appliances. Getting a quote from several repair technicians can help you find the most affordable price for the necessary fix.

Average Apple Repair Prices

Apple offers insurance on its products. If you pay a monthly price for this, you'll save a ton in repair costs. Without insurance, you'll be paying a hefty price to get your devices fixed. It runs $29 per month for AppleCare, Each type of device/item has different costs associated with repairs. You can expect to pay the following:

Apple ProductRepair PriceRemarks
MacBookUp to $299Higher costs for battery replacement and significant damage
iPhone screenUp to $329Higher costs for new phones
Apple watchUp to $499Higher costs for newer models with GPS capabilities and titanium batteries

Let Apple Handle Your Repair In-House

When you visit the support page for Apple, you'll see that you have three options for handling repairs:

  1. Sending the device to Apple
  2. Finding an Authorized Apple dealer
  3. Working with an Apple "genius" in-store

Click on the blue button that reads, "Start a repair request," and sign in to your account to get started. You can make the selections that make the most sense for you and your circumstances.

Can a Third Party Repair My Apple Product for Less?

You also have the choice of finding your own third-party repair person. Search online for nearby locations that service the type of item you have that needs fixing. Plenty of places handle phone and computer repair.

How Can I Find a Reputable Third Party?

An online search will help you find the names of companies in your area that fix Apple products. To ensure they're reputable, look at the following:

  1. Their online reviews via Google and Facebook
  2. Comments on their Twitter page or other social media
  3. Their website to determine how new they are, whether they're insured, and what other important details you can find.

Don't be afraid to ask them questions. It's wise to shop around and get quotes from several companies, which is just one of many tasks DoNotPay can assist you with whenever you're ready.

How Else Can I Save on Apple Repair Costs?

You can always attempt to fix your phone or watch yourself. Go on Youtube or Google the instructions and you'll find plenty of info about how to repair, DIY-style. This is easiest for screen replacement, but other fixes can be handled this way if you follow instructions well and understand the components they're discussing.

Apple's Return Policy

You may need to look into Apple's return policy to see if that's a possibility instead. If the phone is malfunctioning due to no fault of your own, or the device is new and already having problems, the company may be more likely to let you return it, get a refund, or issue a replacement.

You can also check on your warranty status with DoNotPay's help. To return an item to Apple, you'll need to package it back in its original box, with the original cord and receipt. If you don't have these, it can delay the return process. You can also only return products that were purchased directly through Apple and not from another supplier.

Reduce Repair Costs on Apple Products With DoNotPay

Your Apple repair shouldn't cost you more than what the device is worth. DoNotPay helps you get quotes from companies in the area who can help. We want to find you the best price possible for your repair that won't break the bank.

It only takes three steps:

  1. Search for Quote My Repair on DoNotPay. 
  2. Enter the details of the repair you need. 
  3. Let DoNotPay find competitive rates for that repair in your area and any relevant information to keep you from being overcharged. 

Can DoNotPay Find Me Repair Quotes on Other Products?

Absolutely! DoNotPay's Quote My Repair product works for any company, and any item. No matter what you're hoping to get fixed, DoNotPay will help you find a repair person at a fair price. Get quotes for:

How Else Can DoNotPay Help Me?

DoNotPay strives to provide every customer with a product that matches their most pressing needs. With a wide variety of products meant to provide solutions to your problems, you can always get the help you're looking for at the time. We'll assist you with:

DoNotPay can take care of any other tasks that you don't have the time or energy to handle yourself.

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