Can You Get an Annulment in Nebraska?

Annul My Marriage Can You Get an Annulment in Nebraska?

How to Get an Annulment in Nebraska Without a Lawyer

Nebraska allows you to annul your marriage if, for instance, you made your decision in haste and you need to undo it. You need to look at different reasons before proceeding to get an annulment- you might need a piece of advice on whether an annulment is the best legal decision at your disposal.

Provided you are eligible for annulment. You can file a complaint and have it served by a judge. However, there are many times when you will be required to seek a law firm that specializes in these types of cases, which will waste your quality time and money. The good news is that DoNotPay has a perfect solution to your problem in a less frustrating manner.

What Is an Annulment?

An annulment entails a legal proceeding that treats a marriage as if it never happened. Though the decision is made in a court, it differs from divorce in that divorce will remain as a matter of record. In simple terms, you can do a record search and find that a person was divorced and who they were married to. For annulment, there are no records that show whether the marriage existed.

Note that not all annulment complaints are granted in Nebraska; in some cases, the judge in charge advises you to file for a standard divorce. Annulment takes place any time; however, you will have the upper hand if you make a request sooner than later in your marriage.

All in all, courts understand that some circumstances are beyond your control, and thus it might take you many years to know a secret about your partner. For more information about annulment, visit the Nebraska code of annulment.

Learn About the Eligibility Criteria for Marriage Annulment in Nebraska

There are limited reasons why a court will listen to your complaint, which include:

You were married to a blood relative.If you accidentally marry your relative and come to realize later, you qualify to file for an annulment.
If you were mentally unstable to make a sound decision.Your spouse or yourself might have had a mental illness that probably made them incapable of making a sound decision.
You or your partner was legally married to another person.Polygamy is not allowed in the United States, and therefore, if you marry and come to realize that someone was married to another person, you are legible for annulment. The person has committed bigamy, meaning that your marriage was never legal from the beginning.
If fraudulent reasons forced you to marriage.You might get married for fraudulent activities unknowingly: in such a case, you should file an annulment if you later discover your partner's intentions.
You got married under duress.If you discover that your partner married you for reasons other than marriage, you should proceed to file a complaint.

What Happens After Annulment in Nebraska?

After annulment has taken effect, issues about child custody, support, and inheritance of property are tackled the same as in the case of divorce.

  1. Most annulments take place after a short time into the marriage, and therefore, regarding property divisions, the judge divides what you have acquired together equally between you.
  2. Children will remain legitimate; hence you should seek custody or visitation in a different court proceeding. If you are given child custody, you should look for child support from the other parent.

How Much Does an Annulment Cost in Nebraska?

You are required to pay a certain unrevealed mandatory annulment filing fee to the court dealing with your case.

Why Might You Need an Annulment Lawyer in Nebraska?

As aforementioned, the process is long and somehow complicated; thus, it is advisable to speak to a lawyer who you can trust.

Learn How to Get an Annulment in Nebraska by Yourself

To get an annulment in Nebraska, you have to file a complaint in the county's district where you or your partner stays. You are required to provide basic information, including

  • Your spouse's phone number, address, and area of residence.
  • Your marriage certificates.
  • Your contact information, including phone number and address.
  • Proof of children you have together.
  • The reason for seeking the annulment.

The court will schedule a hearing for you and your spouse to testify under oath, after which the judge will determine whether your cases deserve annulment.

However, it is a lengthy process that will require you to seek evidence, file a complaint with a court, attend the hearing and wait for the verdict. You can avoid all these hassles by using the DoNotPay Annual-My-Marriage product, which will straightforwardly guide you.

Learn How to Get an Annulment in Nebraska Using DoNotPay

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