Do You Need an Annulment Lawyer?

Annul My Marriage Do You Need an Annulment Lawyer?

Do You Need an Annulment Lawyer?

If you are looking into annulments, you may know that they are a different, but very valid way to end a marriage. Due to the special circumstances and burden of proof required to be granted an annulment, you may be wondering if you need an annulment lawyer. DoNotPay can help you navigate the process of annulment, and you can get started right now.

What Is an Annulment?

An annulment is a legal and valid way to end a null or invalid marriage. If the court determines that you have proved the marriage should not have taken place and should be considered void, you can receive an annulment. It will be like your marriage never existed in the eyes of the law.

What Are the Grounds for an Annulment?

The requirements for annulment vary by state, but typically, these are some of the most common reasons for being granted an annulment based on an invalid marriage:

  • Force or Coercion - If you were forced, threatened, or coerced in some way into a marriage, you can seek an annulment.
  • Fraud - If your spouse lied to you about something so extreme and essential that it would have prevented you from marrying them or would render your marriage void, you may qualify for an annulment (bigamy, fake identity, sexual disease status, inability to have children, etc.).
  • Underage Marriage - If one individual was under the legal age to marry, it's likely the marriage could be considered invalid.
  • Incest/Relatives - Most states consider second cousins or closer to be too close for marriage.
  • Incompetence - Whether insanity, mental illness, or under the influence, if a person was unable to understand the marriage, they may be able to seek an annulment.
  • Impotence/Lack of Consummation - If you entered into the marriage without knowing your spouse was impotent, and/or you have never consummated the marriage, you may have a case for annulment.

You should check your state's laws for specific grounds for annulment and how to prove your case.

Annulment Guides 

If you have questions about your state's laws, our specific state guides can help you understand your situation better.

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Do You Need an Annulment Lawyer?

Just like divorce, no hard and fast rule says you need to hire a lawyer. However, there may be times when ending a marriage isn't so simple, and an annulment lawyer can help you meet the burden of proof and protect yourself.

When Do You Need an Annulment Lawyer?

  • If you are seeking an annulment because you believe your mental illness prevented you from understanding the marriage, you may be better served by an attorney's assistance.
  • You have children that resulted from the relationship and need to establish custody, visitation and child support.
  • You have significant assets, property, and/or debt that will need to be divided.
  • You believe your spouse will fight you on the annulment and/or try to take advantage of you, and you want to protect your interests.

How to Find an Annulment Lawyer

If you decide you want to hire an annulment attorney, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Search online - Look for an attorney that handles annulments, divorces, and/or family law - an experienced attorney will be important for establishing the burden of proof and protecting your rights, especially if children or significant assets are involved. You can search "annulment attorney in City, State" for local lawyers.
  2. Contact the Bar Association - You may also contact your state's bar association to ask for recommendations. They can assist you with finding an appropriate attorney for your situation.
  3. Ask for Consultations - You may try two or three consultations before settling with an attorney who will best protect your interests.

How to Skip an Annulment Lawyer With DoNotPay

If you and your spouse are in agreement that you should seek an annulment, you may be able to have a quick and relatively painless annulment process without an attorney. Maybe you are just looking into your options and aren't ready to hire an attorney yet, or you don't think you can afford one. DoNotPay can help you research the annulment process and even start navigating the process right here and now. 

  • If you want to learn more about annulments, DoNotPay can generate an Annulment Information Sheet for you.
  • If you are ready to get the process started, DoNotPay can Write a Letter to Your Local Family Court so that you can begin to petition for an annulment.

We will save you time and stress in just a few easy steps:

  1. Search for Annulment on the DoNotPay website.


  2. Kick-off the process to see if your marriage is eligible for an annulment.


  3. Answer some specific questions about your marriage and see if your state law allows for an annulment.

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In addition to helping you with annulments, DoNotPay can help you:

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