How to Get an Annulment in Indiana

Annul My Marriage How to Get an Annulment in Indiana

How to Start the Annulment Process in Indiana

Marriages begin with love, good intentions, trust, and support. What happens when you find out that you were lied to about fertility, blood relations, or you were forced into marriage before you were an adult? Applying for an annulment in Indiana has a few different steps and requirements than in other states. Read on to learn how to start the process.

DoNotPay has everything you need to make the hard decision to divorce or annul your marriage in both secular and religious ways. How much does annulment cost? What are the requirements for an annulment? Is it possible for you to get an annulment on your own? Do you need a divorce or an annulment? DoNotPay wants to make your decision-making as easy and clear-cut as possible.

Annulment of Marriage: What Does It Mean?

Divorce is the legal separation of a couple in a civil court with the judge deciding the correct way to attend to the children's needs, separation of funds, and support for the spouses. What about annulment?

Annulment is more complicated and rarer. A religious annulment dissolves a marriage in the eyes of a church, usually to allow a divorcee to remarry within the church. However, it is not a legal dissolution of the marriage. A legal annulment is the legal dissolution of marriage as if the marriage never occurred.

When granted an annulment by the courts, the judge will help with children and parent planning. Spouses are not entitled to alimony or any other form of support. All children remain legitimate in the eyes of the court, too.

Annulment Requirements in Indiana

Each state has a specialized list of requirements to be able to legally grant an annulment. Some of these include:
  • Being a resident of Indiana
  • Physical separation of the spouses
  • Specific grounds
There are conditions to meet to even consider getting an annulment in Indiana. These include marriages that are:
  1. Began when one of the spouses is underage without parental consent
  2. One spouse deemed not mentally competent
  3. Fraud relating to the marriage is uncovered
  4. Incestuous or forced

You will need adequate documentation of each instance. For example, to prove underage marriage, you can provide both birth certificates and marriage certificates. For mental capacity, obtain medical and psychological records that record mental state at the time of marriage. Fraud will require proof as well, the documentation will be dependent on the type of fraud, for example, an undissolved marriage certificate of your spouse to another.

How to File for an Annulment in Indiana

Before you file your petition in Indiana for the annulment of your marriage, make sure you know the reason and have the proof available. Then depending on your county's online forms and requirements you can file quickly. Here is a basic process in Indiana:

  1. Check requirements for your county online. You may be able to fill out and file the initial documents online. Your county may require you have legal representation.
  2. Your spouse will be served annulment papers. They will have to answer the court with an accepted or rejected answer.
  3. Dissolution of Marriage in Indiana is heard in a circuit or supreme court, depending on the jurisdiction.
  4. Wait 60 days for the finalization of the annulment.

Indiana legally requires the waiting period. The process can be delayed if your spouse rejects the annulment, as an investigation will begin. However, the court has the right to approve the annulment despite the objection. After the finalization, you will be single and free to remarry at any time.

What Will an Annulment Cost in Indiana?

Indiana requires that the spouses be separated for a time before the annulment is filed. So, on top of the actual cost of the annulment, there will be the cost of the separate living situations, which will have to be proved.

The average cost of annulment runs the gambit between $500 and $5,000. The cost is lower for a joint petition for annulment, as there is not a reason to further investigate the claims.

You can expect to see fees like:

  • Filing fees
  • Required classes (for couples with children)
  • Processing fees
  • Court fees
  • Fees to serve the paperwork to your spouse
  • Investigation fees

Fines and fees vary per county and state. If there is a contestation the fees will increase as the court does its due diligence to investigate the claims.

Apply for Annulment by Yourself

You can choose to file online yourself if your county approves of this option. However, you won't have the legal advice to get you through the tougher court appearances if the annulment is contested.

Finding legal assistance can be hard, and getting the wording and documentation correct and court-approved may prove more time-consuming than it should. Let DoNotPay worry about the legal paperwork, you focus on getting your new life together.

Apply for Annulment Instantly With DoNotPay

Need help with filing the paperwork for your annulment in Indiana? Follow these three simple steps:

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  2. Kick-off the process to see if your marriage is eligible for an annulment.


  3. Answer some specific questions about your marriage and see if your state law allows for an annulment.


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