How to Get an Annulment of Marriage in NJ

Annul My Marriage How to Get an Annulment of Marriage in NJ

Get an Annulment in NJ Without a Lawyer

No matter if you're getting a full-on divorce or just having your marriage annulled, it's still a stressful situation. No one goes into marriage thinking it will abruptly come to an end. If it has come time for you to file for an annulment in NJ, let DoNotPay offer some guidance.

DoNotPay vows to help you through the process promptly. DoNotPay will ensure you understand the requirements for getting your annulment approved and know how to file on your own if you so desire. 

New Jersey Laws for Annulment

New Jersey laws for annulment are similar to those in other states. Certain circumstances void the marriage from the get-go, such as when one person is underage and not legally able to consent to marriage.

  1. State codes
NJ Rev Stat § 2A:34-1 (2013)
  1. Legal grounds for annulments
Marriages that are never valid
  1. Judgments of nullity
  • When either party has another spouse or domestic partner
  • When either party was under duress or enticed by fraudulent claims
  • When the marriage was otherwise prohibited in the eyes of the law
  1. Statute of limitations for annulments

What are the Grounds for Getting a New Jersey Annulment?

If your New Jersey marriage was considered void because of the serious circumstances listed above, the annulment should be a quick consideration. Additional grounds for getting a New Jersey annulment include:

  • One party is physically or incurably impotent, unbeknownst to the other person.
  • One party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Both parties have come to find they are related. (Only closely-related relatives count, such as brother/sister, aunt/nephew. It is legal to marry your first cousin in the state of New Jersey.)
  • One party was not a legal citizen and only entered into the marriage to become one.

Which Forms Do I Need to File?

You can pick up forms at your local county clerk's office in New Jersey, or you can download them online. You need at least 4 forms to file throughout the process:

  1. Complaint for Annulment
  2. Annulment Questionnaire
  3. A petition to annul marriage without children or property OR an annulment property settlement agreement
  4. Checklist of matters in connection with a proceeding for annulment of marriage

After your annulment has been granted, you will also need to file the final judgment paperwork that was signed and dated by the judge handling your case. This makes it official and legally declares you single and never married.

How Much Will it Cost?

The initial filing fee for an annulment in New Jersey costs $200. After that, the final price depends on your particular circumstances. It could cost you thousands of dollars to get your marriage annulled if you're paying for an attorney. It may also cost more if both parties are not involved and you need to pay to find the other person,

How to Start the Annulment Process in New Jersey

The first step to starting the annulment process in New Jersey is to put together your case. You're going to have to file a form indicating precisely why you want this annulment and why you feel you were duped into this marriage. Having this together first can help you get your paperwork accomplished more quickly.

Head to your county clerk's office -- there are at least 20 in New Jersey -- and petition the court for an annulment. This initial complaint form gets the process started. You will then have to:

  • Serve the other party.
  • File the next set of forms.
  • Wait for your case to be heard before the judge.
  • File the final form.

After My NJ Annulment, What Happens Next?

Getting an annulment means you can remarry immediately if you desire. There is no waiting period as there is with a divorce. If your paperwork determined custody details, child support, and the division of assets and property, then you can go to work applying these judgments.

This means you will need to start abiding by what was set in your court papers. If the two of you lived together, the party who lived in the home initially or whose name is on the lease or mortgage retains ownership/residence. The other person will need to seek their own housing if that has not been handled already.

Assets need to be given back to their proper owner, typically whoever owned them before the marriage took place. That is, as long as you did not agree to something else in the annulment process.

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