Easily Get an Annulment of Marriage in Mississippi Without a Lawyer

Annul My Marriage Easily Get an Annulment of Marriage in Mississippi Without a Lawyer

Easily Get an Annulment of Marriage in Mississippi Without a Lawyer

Marriage is a legal and formal recognition of a union between two people as partners in a social setting. For a marriage to be considered legal and worthy, it has to follow some social and constitutional guidelines

If the marriage does not follow the set guidelines, it is nonexistent and should be annulled legally. There are specific grounds on which marriage can be annulled in Mississippi. DoNotPay has done the research and compiled a write-up guiding you in the process of marriage annulment in Mississippi.

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What Is the Difference between Marriage Annulment and Divorce?

The standard difference between a divorce and marriage annulment is that divorce ends a legal marriage, while annulment invalidates a marriage; it never existed from the start. There are differences between legal justifications for divorce and annulment.

Spouses in a marriage can file a divorce under justifications such as irreconcilable differences for no-fault divorces. However, marriage annulment requires solid grounds that prove that the marriage was not supposed to happen or did not happen at all.

The procedure of acquiring a divorce and a marriage annulment are similar; one partner will petition a case in court, the judge will hold a hearing, and finally make a ruling.

Children born out of an annulled marriage are considered legitimate children, except those born out of incestuous marriages.

Child custody and support in an annulled marriage are solved in the same manner as in a divorce, through arbitration or legal counsel. However, you cannot claim child support for illegitimate children after an annulment, as it is in a divorce.

When the children are legitimate, the spouses are eligible to seek court orders on children's custody, visitation, and child support.

Marital property in an annulled marriage is divided on the same grounds as divorce, through an agreement, arbitration, or court order. However, personal property is not divided.

There is a distinct difference between religious and legal annulments. A religious annulment occurs when the church tribunal declares that a marriage that was thought to be valid fell short of the essential elements of a binding union. 

Annulment of a marriage by the church has no legal implications unless the spouses seek a legal separation.

What Is the Difference Between Marriage Annulment and Divorce?

The state of Mississippi offers marriage annulments in minimal situations. The following grounds must be met for a successful marriage annulment in Mississippi:

  1. Bigamy
Marriage can be nullified if one of the spouses was already married to another partner at the time of the second marriage. However, the children from both unions are considered legitimate.
  1. Blood Relation
A marriage is considered completely void if there are blood or step relations between the spouses, including unions such as:

  • Parent and child
  • Grandparent and grandchild
  • Step, adopted or foster family relations
  • First cousins
  • Aunt and nephew
  • Uncle and niece
  • Parent and child's widow

Children born out of an incestuous union are legally illegitimate.

  1. Impotence
Suppose incurable impotence is discovered within the first six months of marriage. However, if the marriage is older than six months, it is not eligible for annulment.
  1. Age
Both members of marriage are supposed to be legal adults. However, in instances where two underage partners cohabit, the following are needed, at least for the marriage will be dissolved:

  • Parental consent for females between ages 12-15 and males between ages 14-17
  • Parental notice for females between ages 15-21 and males between ages 17-21
  1. No cohabitation
If a partner does not live together with their spouse after marriage, either spouse can seek a legal annulment.
  1. Force or fraud
When marriage consent is acquired by force or manipulation, the marriage is eligible for annulment only if the marriage is younger than six months.
  1. Incompetence
A marriage case brought to court within the first six months may be annulled if the court finds one partner as mentally incompetent or ill at the time of marriage. A spouse or a third party can file the case.

Regardless of the grounds of annulment, any spouse can file the case, but the final judgment requires both parties to sign the annulment decree; you cannot get an annulment without the other person.

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Marriage annulment is a costly and lengthy legal process that requires a lot of patience. Since marriage annulments in Mississippi are offered under minimal and specific grounds, you should conduct thorough research to know if your marriage is eligible for annulment. 

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