The Basics of an Annulment of Marriage in Arizona

Annul My Marriage The Basics of an Annulment of Marriage in Arizona

What Does Annulment In Arizona Look Like?

The process of bringing a marriage to a legal end is something that people have to think about if that is the stage of their life that they have reached. They may find that they no longer wish to be married to the person that they once loved. It is sad, but these things happen to people. There is not much that anyone can do about it except take the necessary steps to get an annulment in Arizona to make things better. DoNotPay exists to help people who need an annulment and are not sure what they need to do to make it happen.

Annulment Versus Divorce

Divorce is the more common word that people think of when someone says that their marriage is ending. And it might be confusing to some people when someone brings up an annulment instead of a divorce. What do they mean by that, and why are they seeking an annulment instead of a divorce? These are the types of questions that run through the mind of someone who has just heard about an annulment.

Divorce is:

  1. The dissolution of a marriage because the parties are no longer interested in remaining together
  2. The marriage was legal, but the people in it don't want to be married anymore

Annulment is: 

  • The dissolution of a marriage that never should have been allowed to happen
  • The erasure of an illegal marriage from the books

The primary difference here is that a divorce is the end of a legal marriage, but an annulment is the end of an illegal marriage. Both bring a marriage to an end, but they do so for different reasons. Annulments are an important and legally distinct thing from divorces, and it is vital that we recognize the difference.

What Qualifies For An Annulment In Arizona? 

There are certain situations that will qualify someone to have an annulment in the state of Arizona every time. Here are a few of the categories that are included:

  • Bigamy - If one party or the other was married when they married another person (multiple marriages at once)
  • Blood relation - If it turns out that the two parties are related by blood
  • Duress - If either person entered the marriage under duress
  • Misrepresentation of religion - If one party lied about which religion they practice
  • Intoxication - If one or more parties was intoxicated at the time of their marriage

These and other categories qualify someone to have a marriage annulled. That marriage will literally be wiped from the books in Arizona as if it never happened at all. That is what a lot of people need when they want to take actionable steps towards doing something about the marriage that they entered but no longer wish to be a part of.

Does It Make Sense To Get An Attorney? 

You could hire an attorney if you wanted to get some help moving through the annulment process. They will have the experience you are looking for when it comes to working on these types of cases before. That is a major upside to getting an attorney for any legal matter that you deal with.

However, you should also remember that you can use the tools provided by DoNotPay to help file your annulment paperwork easily. 

DoNotPay does everything in its power to make sure you don't miss any steps along the way when it comes to getting your annulment set up just the way you need it to be.

The DoNotPay Route

Arizona annulments are complex legal matters that deserve attention. However, DoNotPay has worked to simplify these situations down to the basics for their users. This is why they now have a simple step-by-step program to help you get the results that you need.

But they’re easy with DoNotPay. It only takes 3 steps:

  1. Search for Annulment on the DoNotPay website.


  2. Kick off the process to see if your marriage is eligible for an annulment.


  3. Answer some specific questions about your marriage and see if your state law allows for an annulment.


All that you have to do is pay careful attention to these steps and use them one by one to get the results that you require. If you can follow these, then you will be in great shape to get through this process with as little pain as possible. 

DoNotPay Provides Other Resources As Well

You can do many other things with DoNotPay as well. They are all about helping people solve life's problems as easily as possible. Here are a few of the areas that they have helped people with: 

They have dozens more that you may enjoy as well. Essentially, if there is something that you cannot get done easily, then DoNotPay will happily step in and make things right. They will simplify life's processes for you, so you don't have to keep trying to do everything all on your own. You can gain some real traction with them, and that will smooth out any difficulties that you had been facing up to that point. 

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