How to Fill Out Annulment Forms in Virginia

Annul My Marriage How to Fill Out Annulment Forms in Virginia

How to Complete Annulment Forms in Virginia

Virginia state allows you to have your marriage annulled if you have a legal ground for annulment. The validity of the marriage is challenged, and thus the court orders it to be annulled.

However, to annul your marriage in Virginia may not be easy as it seems. You will have to file an annulment complaint in circuit court, which can be a confusing process if you are not familiar with it. In most cases, you will be required to hire an attorney to do it for you. You don't have to toil anymore since DoNotPay, through its Annual My Marriage product, will do it for you more easily than you expected.

What You Should Know About Annulment in Virginia

A marriage annulment in Virginia is not the same as a divorce: a divorce is marked as an end of a valid marriage, while an annulment is treated as a termination of a marriage that was not valid from the start. If you have a legal reason which proves that the marriage shouldn't have existed from the beginning, you can have it annulled in court. The term legally void is commonly used in annulment cases to mean that the marriage has no legal effect, and thus it is treated as if it has never been.

Learn About the Legal Grounds for Getting a Marriage Annulment in Virginia

As a spouse in Virginia, you need legal proof or reason to annul your marriage, which includes:

Bigamy.If your partner was legally married to another person at the time of your marriage, you could annul your marriage.
Incest.If you realize that you are related by blood with your partners: closer like a first cousin or half brother or sister, you can annul it.
Incompetence.When you discover your marriage partner is not mentally stable to understand marriage issues.
Fraud.If you fell into the marriage trap because your partner lied to you.
Impotence.You are eligible if your partner cannot engage in sexual relations.
Underage.When your partner has not achieved the legal age for marriage.
Prostitute or a felon.Your partner didn't come clean that they were a prostitute or a felon.
Child by another person.If a wife is pregnant with another man at the time of marriage or if the husband has born a child with another woman within the first ten months of marriage.
Duress.If you were blackmailed into marrying because of fear of getting harmed.
Sham.If your partner gets married to you with other intentions as opposed to the purpose of marriage.

Take note same-sex marriages are also subject to annulment in Virginia. The State had banned same-sex marriage, but in 2014, it took a turn of events when it was legalized after the United States supreme court failed to listen to the state's appeal. For additional information about marriage annulment in the state, read these code sections

Discover What Happens After an Annulment?

Marriage annulment implies that you and your spouse were never legally married. As opposed to many states in the US, in Virginia, a judge is not allowed to order alimony or property division after the annulment: a judge can only do so in the case of a divorce. 

However, the judge has the power to decide on child custody, visitation hours, and child support. Children from an annulled marriage are still considered legitimate, and thus they have the right to inherit from both parents. They should also be supported financially by both parents.

You can visit and read the full text on Virginia annulment laws; here is the Code of Virginia Chapter 6.

Learn the Steps to Annual Your Marriage in Virginia by Yourself

You need to file an annulment complaint in the Circuit court in the county where you or your spouse lives. Take note that one of you should have lived in the Virginia county where you filed the lawsuit for at least six months. If you file a complaint, you become a plaintiff while the other spouse becomes a defendant.

Your complaint should have the following information:

  1. Full names for you and your spouse.
  2. Spouse phone number and address.
  3. Date, city, and state of your marriage.
  4. After filling the complaint, make sure to serve it to your spouse.

A hearing will be scheduled, and if the judge believes your proof, your marriage will be annulled.

However, filing a complaint using DIY methods is an engaging process that will waste much of your time. You also need a law professional to represent you in court, which will likely cost you money. You can avoid all these inconveniences by using DoNotPay, which presents a perfect solution to your problem.

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