Knowing What Animal Issues to Escalate to South Bend Animal Control

Animal Control Knowing What Animal Issues to Escalate to South Bend Animal Control

What You Need to Know About Animal Control in South Bend

Animal Control in South Bend is responsible for animal welfare services in the city. The shelter's services include pet education, animal adoption, owner resources, and lost and found support.

Also, the public can learn about upholding the municipal code, picking up stray dogs, animal permits, investigations regarding animal neglect and cruelty, dog licensing, and responding to animals in distress through the Animal Control in South Bend.

On the other hand, one may suffer an animal bite on various occasions. When that happens, they should consider using DoNotPay to access the help they need.

Insight Into the Services Animal Control South Bend Offers

1. Chicken Permits

If you live in a residential property, you can keep a chicken flock in the City of South Bend. All you need is a valid permit to keep chicken. However, note that roosters are not allowed, and flocks are limited to six or fewer hens.

Note that your chicken pen and chicken coop should meet set requirements before getting a permit from Animal Control South Bend.

2. Pet Adoption

You can meet your new best friend by visiting the Animal Resource Center. Also, cats and dogs are available for adoption at Animal Control South Bend. Understand that adoptions are by appointment only.

Once your application is approved, you can access adoption counseling, and the staff handling the process will help you identify a pet that matches your personality, home, and lifestyle.

Filling out the SBARC Adoption Application at the shelter or in advance is mandatory before adopting a pet. You can also visit Animal Control South Bend to get more information about the adoption procedure.

3. Pet Licensing

All cats and dogs over six months old should have a current pet license. Also, besides renewing the license annually, proof of rabies vaccination for each pet is required. The best part is that vaccination fees for neutered or spayed animals are discounted.

Additionally, seniors who own service pets and neutered/spayed animals enjoy fee waivers from Animal Control South Bend. If you want to apply for a pet license, you should consider referring to the Pet License Application.

In that case, whenever necessary, you need to produce your pet license application and proof of spay/neuter for every animal you adopt. Otherwise, you cannot get the necessary licenses without providing the necessary paperwork and paying the corresponding fee.

You can pay for your pet license via credit card, cash, or check. Alternatively, you can mail payments via money order or check. The reason is that SBARC does not accept payments over the phone.

What Should You Do If Your Pet Is Missing?

The pet recovery process should always begin with checking the last place a pet was seen or a physical search around your home. After that, you should consider contacting Animal Control South Bend if you cannot locate your pet after a quick search.

You should also contact Animal Control South Bend if your missing pet has a microchip to facilitate activation of their services. Understand that lost pet tours happen during Animal Control South Bend business hours.

For that reason, owners of missing pets should visit the facility daily to look for their pets. The reason is that most shelters within the area have a 3-day holding period for owners to claim animals. You also need to appreciate that lost pets and often scared. Also, scared animals will often look different.

In that case, a physical tour of Animal Control South Bend is the only way to ascertain that a missing animal in your care is yours.

Other Services That Animal Control South Bend Offers

  • Field services focusing on upholding the municipal code and helping animals in distress.
  • Assisting those who find lost pets.
  • Taking in loose/stray pets.

Reporting an Animal-Related Incident on DoNotPay

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