Learn All About the Anchorage Property Tax Exemption

Reducing Property Taxes Learn All About the Anchorage Property Tax Exemption

Applying for the Anchorage Property Tax Exemption Has Never Been Easier!

Property taxes in Anchorage, Alaska are well above the state’s average. Although property taxes have to be paid, you don’t have to go out of your way to pay the absurd amount that the state sets for taxes. Applying for the Anchorage property tax exemption is one of the many ways you can use to reduce your property taxes!

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The Municipality of Anchorage—Property Tax Exemption

If you are an Anchorage resident, you should know that there are a number of property tax exemptions you may be qualified for. We will walk you through each so that you can choose which ones to apply for.

The property tax exemptions in Anchorage are:

  1. Senior Citizen Exemption
  2. Disabled Veteran Exemption
  3. Residential Exemption
  4. Military Service Widow/Widower Exemption
  5. Disaster Exemption
  6. Nonprofit Exemption

The Municipality of Anchorage—Senior Property Tax Exemption

The senior property tax exemption in Anchorage allows seniors to exempt up to $150,000 from the assessed value of their home or property if they:

  • Own the home or property
  • Are 65 years of age or older
  • Use their property as their primary residence
  • Are 60 years old widows or widowers of a senior qualified for the exemption

The application for the senior citizen exemption has to be sent by March 15 of the year when you apply.

Disabled Veteran Exemption

If you are a disabled veteran, you can apply for this exemption. It lets you exempt the same amount ($150,000), and the requirements that you have to meet are the same as the ones listed above for the senior citizen exemption.

Residential Exemption

For the owners occupying a residential property, a partial exemption can come in handy. This partial residential exemption allows you to exempt 20% or up to $50,000 of the assessed value. 

Military Service Widow/Widower Exemption

Widows and widowers of a resident who served military service can qualify for this exemption if they own and occupy the home or property as their main place of dwelling. If they get remarried, the exemption will expire on January 1 following the year of marriage.

Disaster Exemption

In case your home or property gets destroyed as a result of a fire, you can obtain a disaster tax relief. This exemption applies to all the owners occupying residential properties that were 50% destroyed by a fire. You have to file your application for the exemption in four months from the day of the fire.

Nonprofit Exemption

You are allowed to apply for the nonprofit exemption if you are the owner of a property used for purposes such as:

  • Nonprofit
  • Educational
  • Charitable
  • Religious
  • Hospital
  • Community

Make sure you send your application by March 15 of the year when you are applying.

Additional Ways To Lower Property Taxes

In case applying for property tax exemptions isn’t enough and you want to find additional ways to reduce your property tax bill, try some of the methods provided below:

MethodWhat To Do

Skipping Home Improvement Projects

Make sure to avoid all home renovation projects to ensure that your property tax bill doesn’t go any higher than it originally would

Participating During the Assessment

Be present while the assessor is evaluating your home or property. You can be certain that they are doing a good job and provide any useful info that may be of interest to them

Checking Your Property Tax Bill

Closely inspect your property tax bill once the assessment of your home or property is over to see if any errors occurred

Appealing the Property Tax Assessment

File a property tax appeal if you find any mistakes on your bill or you think that the assessment of your property was done inaccurately

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In case you need help dealing with property taxes in other states, we offer you assistance with:

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  6. South Carolina
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