How to Make the Most of Your AMEX Platinum Cash Back Card

Get Cash Back How to Make the Most of Your AMEX Platinum Cash Back Card

How to Get Cash and Rewards With the AMEX Platinum Card

Today's consumers have numerous choices when shopping for a credit card rewards program. One of the most popular benefits credit card companies offer is awarding points for each purchase made with the card. The points can be redeemed for items such as gift cards, travel upgrades, or discounted purchases with the associated company. Many companies may also convert the points to a credit on the cardholder's account.

Cash back cards have also become wildly popular since it refunds the cardholder a small percentage for each purchase made with the card. Using a cash back card for everyday expenses such as food and fuel can earn you hundreds of dollars in cash back every year.

While the American Express (AMEX) Platinum Card does not directly offer cash back on purchases, they do offer several very generous credits for hotels, airlines, and retailers. The card can also be used for cash advances for a fee.

This guide will describe the various credit benefits the AMEX Platinum card offers. While there are many cards offering cash back benefits, searching for a suitable one can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. However, DoNotPay can help you find the right cash back rewards card in just a few clicks.

How Cash Back Cards Work

Cash back credit cards reward cardholders a specific percentage back on purchases. For example, if a card offers 1.5% cash back on purchases, you earn 1.5 cents for each dollar spent. As a result, a $100 purchase would earn you $1.50 in cash back rewards. When using cash back cards for everyday purchases such as groceries and fuel, that could add up to a few hundred dollars of cash back bonuses a year.

Credit card companies can reward cashback bonuses in the following ways:

  • Flat percentage - Flat rewards are the same percentage for each purchase in every situation.
  • Fixed category - Fixed category cash back rewards cardholders for pre-defined spendings such as travel, groceries, or fuel.
  • Rotating categories - Card companies may periodically offer increased cash back rates for a limited time. They rotate the special category each month or quarter.

Overview of the AMEX Platinum Card

AMEX Platinum is well suited to the frequent traveler who can afford to pay for higher-end accommodations and dining. The $695 annual membership fee is not justifiable for the average consumer who is otherwise unable to take full advantage of the card's benefits.

However, for those that travel often, the card awards 5X points on booking flights. Members also get 5X points on prepaid hotels when booked on  All other purchases earn 1X points.

Members do not have to pay the monthly bill in full and can use the Pay Over Time feature to carry a balance with interest.

How to Apply for the AMEX Platinum Card

  1. Go to the American Express Platinum Card website. Click on Apply Now.
  2. Complete the information as prompted. Click Continue to Terms at the bottom when finished.
  3. Review the terms and conditions and click on Agree and Submit Application.

Credit Rewards Offered by the AMEX Platinum Card

Instead of a cash back rewards program, AMEX Platinum offers members over $1,500 in credit to several companies when paying with the card. Additionally, upon approval, you earn 125K membership points after spending $6,000 in your first six months of membership.

  • $200 in statement credit each year on select prepaid hotel bookings.
  • Up to $20 back each month when paying for Peacock, N.Y. Times, Audible, or Sirius XM radio.
  • Up to $155 Walmart+ grocery delivery service fee credit.
  • $200 in Uber credits is distributed as $15 in Uber Cash each month plus a bonus of $20 in December.
  • $200 incidental airline fee credit per year to cover checked bags and in-flight refreshments.
  • $300 back on eligible Equinox membership when you enroll with your card.
  • $100 in statement credits annually for purchases at Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • $170 back per year on a CLEAR membership.

How to Get a Cash Advance on the AMEX Platinum Card

The AMEX Platinum card offers members cash advances on their accounts from any ATM that accepts AMEX cards. Simply use the card and your issued PIN to access the account for cash. The cash advance fee is 5% of the amount of $10 which is greater. This does not include ATM charges. You will also incur interest starting from the date the transaction was made. The AMEX Platinum cash advance APR is approximately 25%.

AMEX Cards Offering Cash Back Rewards

AMEX offers other cards that offer cash back rewards to members. These are as follows:

  • Blue Cash Preferred 6% cash back at U.S. supermarkets on up to $6K in purchases per year. 6% cash back on select U.S. streaming subscriptions. 3% cash back on transit purchases including highway tolls, trains, and buses. 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Blue Cash Everyday 3% cash back on groceries on up to $6K in purchases per year. 2% cash back on gas at all U.S. gas stations. 2% cash back at select department stores in the U.S. 1% on all other purchases.
  • Cash Magnet 1.5% unlimited cash back on all purchases.

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