Amendment to a Lease Agreement—How Does It Work?

Standardized Legal Documents Amendment to a Lease Agreement—How Does It Work?

Your Ultimate Guide to Drafting an Amendment to a Lease Agreement

Your lease agreement is a legal document that you should honor, but what if some of the agreed-upon terms no longer suit you? In that case, you can introduce an amendment to the lease agreement.

If you’re unsure whether you can change your lease agreement or how to do it, you’ve come to the right place!

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What Is an Amendment to a Lease Agreement?

An amendment to a lease agreement has the purpose of making changes to an existing legally binding contract.

Whether you are a lessee or a lessor, you can amend your lease agreement if you want to change the original terms and conditions. You should write a new document that includes the changes you want to make and attach it to the lease agreement.

You do need to honor the original lease when you’re amending it, so your first course of action is to review the agreement to see how you’ll go about the process.

Legal documents usually contain a clause that dictates under what conditions the changes to the document can be made. Reading it carefully will tell you how to introduce an amendment to your lease.

Standard Lease Agreement Amendment Practices

Whatever the specifics of your lease agreement, here are a few standard guidelines about amending it that you should know about:

  • Agreeing to the amendment—If you want to amend your lease, you need to get the other party to agree to the proposed changes and sign the amendment with you
  • Paying attention to the notice—Your contract should specify how many days in advance you need to notify the other party before you want to make changes
  • Abiding by the law—Your original agreement had to comply with your state or federal regulations, which means the amendment needs to be under the same law

How To Draft an Amendment to a Lease Agreement

The process of writing an amendment to an existing lease agreement is not at all complicated.

Once you negotiate the new terms and conditions with the other party, you can write an amendment that you’ll attach to the original lease agreement.

Here’s what information you need to include in your amendment:

  1. Property—Write the address of the property that is being leased
  2. Parties—Include the full names of the tenant and the landlord and the contact information of the parties
  3. Amendments—Note all the changes you will be introducing with your amendment and describe them in detail
  4. Statement about the amendment—Add a statement that the provisions in the amendment that are different from the provisions in the original agreement will govern the agreement from now on
  5. Signatures—Leave space for you and the other party to sign the amendment
  6. Date—Provide space for the date when you and the other party sign the amendment

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