Find Out How To Make an Amendment Agreement

Standardized Legal Documents Find Out How To Make an Amendment Agreement

Learn How To Make an Amendment Agreement the Right Way

If contract parties no longer agree on the same terms stated in their contract, they have the option to make an amendment to the agreement. DoNotPay can guide you through the process of making changes to your contract accordingly and help you create a perfect legal document in no time!

What Are Contract Amendments, and When Should You Create One?

An agreement amendment is used to make agreed-upon changes to the already existing document. You can use the amendment to add, delete, or completely change parts of your contract. Changes to the document are normally small and entail adding a different price or delivery date, for example.

Depending on the scope of changes introduced to the contract, the amendment may not be enough. Sometimes you will need to create a completely new agreement if the changes are extensive. You can also make an amendment and restatement—an agreement in which the prior contract is reproduced with the changes included.

What Amendment Methods Can You Use for Your Contract?

There are three ways of making an amendment to your agreement. Your options include:

  1. Redlines and strikeouts
  2. Replacement of an entire clause
  3. Description of the changes

The best option is to restate the whole section of the contract with the changes because it is less confusing.

Useful Tips for Creating Contract Amendments

You should take amending a contract as seriously as creating a completely new one. Any changes you make will be effective and stay there until the contract expires. If you want your agreement amendment to be valid, you should make sure you create it properly. You will need to:

  • Put the agreement amendment in writing
  • Make sure both parties sign it
  • Add the date the amendment becomes effective
  • Reference the title of the agreement
  • Include the original parties and signing date
  • Attach the amendment to the original agreement
  • Avoid making multiple amendments when possible—it’s better to make a completely new agreement in those circumstances

If you do make more than one amendment, you should manage them properly. It would be smart to enumerate them and keep them with the original agreement.

Once you are done with changing the document, you should proofread it and see if you made any mistakes before signing it. Some corporate amendments and amendments to financial agreements may require additional signatures or notices. You should inform yourself well on this topic.

Contract Amendment and Contract Addendum—What Is the Difference?

The terms amendment and addendum should not be confused. Both relate to changing legal documents but in a slightly different way. An amendment changes the actual terms of the contract (prices of products, for example), while an addendum keeps all the original contract terms and adds additional ones.

Whatever way you choose to change your existing document, you will have to make sure it clearly states the differences from the original.

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If you don’t want to spend a hefty sum on a lawyer to create a legal document, you should use DoNotPay. Our app is an easy way of generating customized contracts and agreements. The process is straightforward—you only need to:

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