Is It Possible to Amend a Trademark Application?

Trademark Registration Is It Possible to Amend a Trademark Application?

Can You Amend a Trademark Application? DoNotPay Has All the Answers

The trademark registration process can be quite confusing and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. What are the requirements to register a trademark? How do you file one? Can you amend a trademark application in case you make a mistake?

DoNotPay provides the ultimate guide to registering and amending trademark applications. You can also discover how to file your trademark without a hassle ! We can also give valuable insights on:

Why Are Trademarks Important?

A trademark protects intellectual property to ensure that other people do not try to profit from your brand. It can be a mark, a word, or a combination of both. Unlike copyright, a trademark usually lasts for ten years and has to be renewed if you intend to keep using it.

Below are examples of items you can trademark:

Most small business owners believe that registering a trademark is not worth the hype, but a federally registered trademark protects your brand from infringement. Trademark protection laws safeguard your brand from competitors who might want to use it for their profit.

Can You Amend a Trademark Application?

Once the USPTO receives your application, you will receive a tracking number and a summary of the application form so you can review it once again. You must ensure that all the information that you entered in the application form is correct. In case you make a mistake when filing your application, the examining attorney assigned to your case can delay the approval process or even reject your application.

You must bear in mind that not all errors are fixable, and you might not be able to amend your application in all cases.

The following is a list of amendments that are strictly prohibited:

  1. Adding goods or services to the application after registration
  2. Amending the design or description of the trademark
  3. Changing the owner of the trademark

How To Amend a Trademark Application

If you find an error in your application, you can handle it by contacting the Trademark Assistance Center in the following ways:

Ways To ContactDetails
In person600 Dulany Street, Madison East, Concourse Level, Alexandria, VA 22314

The support team is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Once you contact the support team, they will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, and contact details
  • Your application number
  • The error(s) that you need to correct

Amending a Trademark Application Online

You can also use the TEAS Response form to request a correction online. Depending on the status of your application in the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system, here are the specific forms that you need to use:

Application StatusForm Type
Your application has been filed but not reviewed by an examining attorney
  • Voluntary Amendment Not in Response to USPTO Office Action/Letter
  • You should wait seven to ten days before filing this form to give enough time for the information to be uploaded to the USPTO database
The examining attorney has issued an office actionResponse to Examining Attorney Office Action
The trademark has been published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG)Post-Approval/Publication/Post-Notice of Allowance (NOA) Amendment
Your mark has been registeredSection 7 Request for Amendment or Correction of Registration Certificate

If your error cannot be corrected, you will need to file a new application. You will not get a refund for the registration fee, and you will have to pay it again.

How To Register a Trademark

In some circumstances, you may need to or want to file a new trademark application.

Before you start the registration process, conduct an extensive search on the USPTO trademark database for any marks that seem similar to yours. Once you have verified that your mark is unique, follow these instructions:

  1. Enter information in the trademark application form, such as:
    1. Your details, including your complete name, address, and contact information
    2. Design and description of your trademark
    3. Purpose of your business
    4. The trademark class(es) under which you are categorizing your goods and services
  2. Pay the processing fee
  3. Review the form to ensure that there are no errors in the application
  4. Digitally sign the form
  5. Click on Submit

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