Smart Hack to Earn Cash Back on Your Amazon Purchases

Get Cash Back Smart Hack to Earn Cash Back on Your Amazon Purchases

Smart Hack to Earn Cash Back on Your Amazon Purchases

Amazon is the go-to retailer for everything from apple butter to zip ties. The marketing giant has done a phenomenal job enticing shoppers to spend a little more money with a variety of Amazon cashback offers. There are several ways to get them, and DoNotPay wants to show you just how it's done. 

What is an Amazon Cashback Offer?

Amazon collaborates with selected vendors to offer customers savings on top of already low prices. What is cash back in this setting? Most of the time, it means that you buy a product, and the retailer gives you back a bit of money. However, not all cash back offers work the same. The good news is, unlike the possibility of a Walmart cash back limit, Amazon wants you to keep buying and saving.

How to Get Cash Back from Amazon Directly

The company leverages its reach to work with a variety of options. Perhaps the most attractive method is the Amazon Prime store card. This is a store card that only works at Amazon.

  • When you get it, you can earn 5% back on Amazon purchases.
  • You can get another 5 to 15% back on rotating items Amazon offers.
  • Apply the rewards as savings on purchases or as statement credits.

Amazon Cash Back Deals with Third-Party Vendors

If you don't want to apply for an Amazon Prime store card, or do not qualify, you still have options for participating in Amazon cashback offers.

  1. Work with your own credit cards. Many of them, examples include Chase and Bank of America, offer between 1 and 3% percent back on Amazon purchases if you sign up for this particular savings option. Doing so is generally free. However, it may be a seasonal promotion, so it pays to check back frequently. After you sign up, simply use this particular credit card when shopping at Amazon and receive the cash back in the form of a statement credit.
  2. Check cash back websites. The most famous website is Rakuten. It is one of the cash back apps that require you to shop at Amazon through their link. The company gets a reward from Amazon and you get a slice of it. However, the percentages vary, depending on the offers that Amazon is running. It is not unheard of to get up to 40% off. Rakuten, and some similar sites, will send you a check or credit an online account.
  3. Rebate offers let you get cash back, too. Frequently, these rebates are offered by the brands that Amazon represents. For example, you might shop for a bag of dog treats, and the manufacturer invites you to click on a savings button that activates a specific shipping method. This type of cash back is immediately used as a credit in the transaction.

How to Sign up for Amazon Cashback Offers on your Own

If you are thinking of going with independent credit cards, do your homework. For example, do you want to link your Amazon shopping to a Discover It cash back offer? Another option would be to sign up for PayPal, link an account, use the card to shop at Amazon, and determine how to get money back from PayPal. The steps are fairly repetitive.

Step: How To Make It Happen:
Sign up for the credit accountProvide all the information that the bank needs, and then wait for the approval. Once you get it, use this account only to shop at Amazon. Moreover, keep checking back to make sure there are no savings offers particularly from Amazon that this credit account offers.
Sign up for various cash back appsThere are quite a few of these apps out there. Do your homework to find out which ones work with Amazon, and then sign up for these particular ones. Because they typically advertise their vendors, be prepared to get plenty of emails not just about Amazon but also the best cash back credit cards and other services.
Sign up with rebate websitesRemember that we mentioned the checks that some sites send out? Sign up with them. However, remember that you need to shop at Amazon through that particular site's Amazon link to qualify for the savings.
Search for manufacturer cash-back offersIf there are particular Amazon stores or vendors you like to work with, check their products frequently for cashback offers. Because they change frequently, this can be a time-consuming effort.


Stop Wasting Time and Let DoNotPay Get You Amazon Savings with a Few Clicks

Do you really have that kind of time and patience? If you don't like the idea of digging through various credit agreements, disclosures, and rules for participating, DoNotPay has your back.

  1. Click on the Cash Back option of the DoNotPay website.


  2. Select Amazon as the website for you.


  3. Provide some basic information so that DoNotPay can help you start getting cash back!



Not a One-Trick Pony

In addition to helping shoppers get cashback, DoNotPay also provides a variety of other services to help you save money.

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