Am I Registered to Vote in Florida?

Voter Registration Am I Registered to Vote in Florida?

Am I Registered to Vote in Florida

Voting is your right as a US citizen, but you must first register as a voter for you to take part in the process. If your legal residence is in Florida and you're wondering whether you're registered to vote in Florida, how to register or unregister to vote in Florida, this post is for you.

Here's everything you need to know about the voter registration process in Florida and how DoNotPay can help.

How to Register to Vote in Florida

You can register to vote in Florida via one of the following options: mail, online or in-person registration. Once registered, you can participate in the upcoming election and won't need to register to vote every year. All you may need is perhaps to confirm and update your details when the need arises.

Online Voter Registration

If you wish to register as a voter in Florida via the online system, you must have your driver's license or ID card and a Social Security number. You will then need to login into the official website to fill in your details.

By-Mail Voter Registration

If you opt to register as a voter in Florida using the by-mail option, you can either use the Florida or the National voter registration form.

Using the Florida Voter Registration Form

Download and print the Florida voter registration form, read the instructions and fill it out. Send the form to the election office near you.

Using the National Voter Registration Form

  1. Download and print the National Voter Registration Form
  2. Complete the form with your details. Box six requires you to provide your ID number. You should provide your Florida ID card number, driver's license number, or the last four digits of your SSN. If you don't have any of the three above, fill the box with the word "NONE" and then attach documents like your utility bill or bank statement to prove your current residence.
  3. Once you fill out the form, sign it and send it to the election office near you.

In-Person Voter Registration

You can also register as a voter in Florida by physically visiting the election office near you. However, the Covid-19 protocols may limit the availability of in-person voter registration services. Ensure you contact the office for information, including where and when you should avail yourself of the registration.

Eligibility Requirements to Vote in Florida

You can register to vote in Florida if you meet the following requirements:

  • Be a holder of US citizenship
  • Be a legal resident of Florida and the county in which you want to register as a voter
  • Be 18 years old
  • Not declared mentally unsound
  • Not a convicted felon

If you are a convicted felon or declared mentally incapacitated, you must have your voting rights restored first before you can register as a voter in Florida.

Voter Registration Deadlines in Florida

It is important to know if you’re registered to vote in Florida. The deadline is 29 days prior to the upcoming election. However, some situations — for example, when you are getting discharged from the armed forces or Merchant Marines or from employment outside the territories of the US — can allow you to register after the 29 days deadline. If you are or accompanying someone in such a situation, your last day to register to vote is the Friday prior to the Election Day at 5 P.M in the county in which you seek to register. Below is a guide of registration deadlines:

Online registration29 days before Election Day
Register by mailMust be postmarked 29 days before Election Day
In-person registration 29 days before Election Day

How to Check if You’re Registered to Vote in Florida

Imagine waking up to vote during Election Day only to find that you are not registered. It can be frustrating, right? That is why you should check your voter registration status in Florida using the Voter Information Lookup to confirm that you are registered to vote. If you don't find your information, you may need to reach out to your county Supervisor of Elections. However, note that it can take up to two business days before new registrations and updates are available in the Florida voter registration system.

How to Cancel/Unregister to Vote in Florida

Perhaps you wish to unregister as a voter in Florida. You will need to download a removal request form, complete it and send it to the local election office via mail or deliver it by yourself.

The main reason why US citizens seek to unregister as voters is a change of location. For example, if you registered to vote in Florida but have relocated to a location outside the state of Florida, you need to cancel as a voter in Florida and register in your new location.

Not Sure Where to Start? DoNotPay Can Help

DoNotPay is a convenient solution for all your voter registration needs in Florida. Whether you are seeking to register to vote, verify your registration, change your voter details or even unregister as a voter, DoNotPay can help you do that quickly and efficiently.

All you have to do is:

  1. Search "voter registration" on DoNotPay.
  2. Select whether you want to register to vote, change your voter information, cancel your registration, or verify your registration.
  3. Enter the state you want to register in (or are registered in) and confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements. Answer a few questions about you to help us verify your identity and complete your application.
  4. Provide your signature and verify that your information is correct.

And that's it! DoNotPay ensures that your registration changes reach the right office and that your registration status is updated as required.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Other than helping you sort out voter registration issues without hassle, DoNotPay is an all-rounded service and can help you address many other problems.

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