Learn About the Allegheny County Property Tax Assessments

Reducing Property Taxes Learn About the Allegheny County Property Tax Assessments

Allegheny County Property Tax Assessments Explained From A to Z

If you’ve purchased or inherited a property in this part of Pennsylvania, you have to pay property taxes on it. To do that, you should familiarize yourself with the way Allegheny County property tax assessments work. 

DoNotPay provides information and will lend a hand not just with this issue but also with property tax exemptions for you or your senior family member. Our app will help you reduce and pay your property taxes and appeal previous assessments. 

What Are Property Tax Assessments?

Local governments collect property taxes for funding various public and community projects. These taxes can be a significant annual expense for homeowners. 

The assessed value of your property is the basis of property tax bills that keep coming. To get a better idea of the amount on your bills, you’ll need to understand how tax assessments work. It is a good way to plan your budget and dodge any negative surprises in the future.

How Is Your Property’s Value Determined?

All property tax assessments are done according to a set schedule. Local governments might organize it:

  • Every year
  • Every other year
  • When the property is transferred to a new owner

In some U.S. areas, the assessed value of a property equals its market value. Others determine the assessed value by multiplying the market value by an assessment rate. 

You can reduce the assessed value of your property by receiving a homestead exemption that could lower your property tax bills. can help you increase your property tax homestead exemption.

What You Should Know About Allegheny County Property Tax Assessments

Allegheny County uses a base year methodology for property tax assessments. This methodology means that your property’s assessed value is not affected by changing market conditions. The base year methodology also allows similar assessed values for similar homes. 

As the last county-wide reassessment was done in 2013, your property will be reassessed only in the following cases:

  • Errors or omissions
  • Physical changes, i.e., demolitions or constructions of any kind 
  • Situations when a school district or municipality asks for an interim assessment on new buildings or significant improvements
  • Past assessment appeals

Homeowners or taxing bodies can appeal an assessment of the property annually. 

If you’re thinking about making notable changes to your home, you should be aware you’ll need to apply for building permits. This may trigger the reassessment of your property’s value when you implement all the changes.

Most construction and building projects increase the value of your property and may lead to a higher property tax bill.

You can check information on your property using the Allegheny County property tax assessment search tool.

If you’re considering buying a property outside Pennsylvania, you should check out our list of states with low property taxes.

Allegheny County Annual Property Tax Calendar

Knowing the property tax schedule in your county might give you a better perspective on your tax obligations. Here’s how Allegheny County organizes its real estate tax calendar:

Date/MonthTax Activity


The officials certify individual property assessments


The Treasurer’s Office sends tax statements and bills 

March 31

2% discount payment period ends

April 30

Gross payment period finishes

May 1

The period of delinquent tax starts

June 30

The deadline to apply for the Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief ends


The Treasurer’s Office mails delinquent tax notices 

For any delinquent taxes, you need to pay:

  • A penalty of 5% of the gross tax 
  • The monthly interest of 1% of the gross tax for each month of your delinquent taxes

You qualify for the Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief if you:

  • Are 60+ years old
  • Have lived in and owned your home for a minimum of ten years
  • Have a total gross income of no more than $30,000

If you are eligible for this tax exemption, you can get a 30% discount on your property taxes.

Would you like to know how to apply for this or any other available tax exemptions in your county or state? DoNotPay can provide all relevant information in a few minutes about this exemption and about property tax rebates for seniors or homestead property tax exclusion in Pennsylvania. 

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