Everything You Need To Know About Alaska Jury Duty

Alaska Jury Duty—Your Questions Answered

Not sure how to manage your Alaska jury duty? You have to do jury duty from time to time as an American citizen.

Preparing for your time in an Alaskan court means understanding the requirements and effects it will have on your day job. This article will answer your questions about jury duty in Alaska and explore how can simplify the task of asking your boss for time off.

Alaska Jury Duty FAQs

If you’ve never been a juror before, you may have a few questions about how jury duty works:

  1. What makes someone eligible?
  2. How does jury selection work?
  3. Why is jury duty necessary?
  4. How long does jury duty last?

Jury Duty Eligibility

Alaskan laws state that eligible jurors must be:

  • U.S. citizens
  • Alaska residents (for at least one year)
  • 18–70 years of age
  • Of a sound mind
  • Able to understand English (written and spoken)
  • Guilty of no felonies without a pardon

You may be called for up to three months of jury duty within a two-year period.

Jury Duty Selection

Prospective jurors are drawn from a random pool of eligible state residents. Once you receive the summons, the court may select you for service on trial following these processes:

  1. You fill out a Jury Questionnaire
  2. The clerk’s office reviews your questionnaire to confirm eligibility or grant excusals
  3. Prosecution and defense attorneys ask you a series of questions to identify potential bias

Jury Duty’s Purpose

Jury duty is important because it provides an impartial panel of citizens to consider the integrity of evidence held against a person accused of a crime. This civic duty is one of the ways American citizens contribute to the country’s justice system.

Jury Duty Length

On average, Alaska jury duty lasts 1–3 days. Jurors remain on-call for four weeks if the case requires additional periods of service.

How To Get Out of Jury Duty in Alaska

Consult the table below to learn what makes you eligible for an exemption from jury duty in Alaska:

Can You Be Exempt From Jury Duty if You AreYes/No
Army memberYes
Elected officialYes
Law enforcement officerYes
Breastfeeding motherNo

You can postpone jury duty up to ten months, but you can only do so once. If you skip jury duty, you risk being held in contempt of court and may have to pay a fine.

Does Your Employer Have To Pay You for Jury Duty in Alaska?

No—your employer is not required to compensate you while you serve as a juror. While you will lose income, the state of Alaska offers the following payment and reimbursement for jurors:

  • $25 per day
  • $0.54 per mile traveled

Juror pay can range from $7.50–$60 per day, depending on the state. Federal jury duty is subject to different standards—jurors receive $50 per day on duty.

Your boss cannot fire you for missing work because of jury duty. You are entitled to unpaid time off while serving as a juror. You can request a Certificate of Attendance from the court clerk to verify your jury duty with your employer.

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