Reporting Animal-Inflicted Injuries to the Alamogordo Animal Control

Animal Control Reporting Animal-Inflicted Injuries to the Alamogordo Animal Control

Alamogordo Animal Control: How to Report Animal-Inflicted Injuries with DoNotPay

According to the Alamogordo Police Department 2020 stats, Alamogordo Animal Control in New Mexico saw 563 pets adopted, 1260 taken into their facility, and had 36 animals euthanized.

While most of us love pets, some don't turn out as friendly as you'd expect. So, if you suffer animal-inflicted injuries in New Mexico, here are two options you could consider:

1. By Yourself: You could file for an official animal control report with the Alamogordo Animal Control Department. Alternatively, you can also try contacting the pet parent (if identified) and demand compensation for any damages or injury incurred.

Sometimes it may be somehow hectic and time-consuming for you to follow up on the issue with the local authorities or deal with the pet owner involved. Don't fret, though.

2. With the Help of DoNotPay: Option two, you can consider DoNotPay to take the time and effort out of this process.

Read on to learn more about the Alamogordo Animal Control Department. Most importantly, we'll look at how you can use DoNotPay to file the government report or demand letter on your behalf.

Alamogordo Animal Control Department Information

Alamogordo Animal Control Department is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In the case of Animal Control being closed, they have an officer who's ready to answer any emergency calls 24 hours a day. The department also has officers on everyday duty, working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. So, if you wish to report an animal complaint, you only have to contact Alamogordo Animal Control, and an officer will come to assist.

Address2910 N Florida Avenue

Alamogordo, NM 88310

Phone Number
  • Phone: 575-439-4330
  • Fax: 575-439-4328
EmailDwain Martinez, Manager

New Mexico Dog Bite Laws

New Mexico doesn't have specific dog bite laws. Even so, a victim could still sue a dog owner in the unfortunate case of a dog bite to attain justice or recover compensation. And the liability can still be served under grounds such as nuisance, negligence, or different forms of willful misconduct.

What Defines a Potentially Dangerous Dog?

A potentially dangerous dog is one that you could reasonably gauge as a likely threat to public safety, maybe through:

  • Displaying highly aggressive behavior within an enclosed yard and seeming capable of breaking out of the enclosure.
  • Menacing or chasing after individuals or other pet animals in a hostile manner even without provocation.
  • Causing injury to persons or other pets that is not as serious as a severe injury.

What Defines a Dangerous Dog?

A dangerous dog inflicts severe injury to an individual or another domestic animal. However, it won't be regarded as hazardous if it was:

  1. Defending itself or its progeny
  2. Responding to injury or pain
  3. Protecting an individual or another pet from a hostile attack

Liability for Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Dog Owners

Owners of dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs must cooperate with registration and fulfill dog handling requirements. Failure to satisfy such requirements within 30 days will have the dog humanely killed.

  • Dangerous and potentially dangerous dogs must have a proper enclosure, be licensed and under full-time control, have a microchip installed, among other things.
  • Dangerous dogs should be maintained appropriately and accommodated exclusively on the owner's premises. The only exception applies when taking the dogs for medical examination or treatment.
  • In cases that require taking hostile dogs out of the owner's premises, they must be muzzled or caged instead. They also must be under full-time control and have a leash not exceeding four feet.
  • Dangerous dog owners should install a visible warning sign bearing a clear and conspicuous symbol informing the public of a dangerous dog in their premises. The poster should be noticeable from 50 feet or from a community roadway, whichever is less.

Read about charges owners of dangerous dogs could face.

Reporting an Animal-Inflicted Injury by Yourself

In the unfortunate event of incurring an injury from a hostile animal, you can either:

  • Report the event to the local authorities and Animal Control Alamogordo, New Mexico. Chances are, the pet owner will face legal consequences and the pet detained. However, it's unlikely for you to receive any financial compensation.
  • Contact the pet owner (if identified) to directly demand compensation for the inflicted injury, especially if the damage requires medical attention.

Nonetheless, regardless of the approach you pick, it's not guaranteed you'll achieve a satisfactory outcome. After all, the pet owner (assuming his identity is known) could prove stubborn and uncooperative. The authorities, on the contrary, could take a lifetime to resolve the incident and serve justice, getting you all frustrated.

How DoNotPay Can Help

Given how strenuous following up on animal-related incidents can be, it would be best to consider an alternative solution. And that's where DoNotPay comes in; to make the whole process much more manageable.

With these three straightforward steps, DoNotPay has got you covered:

  1. Search "animal" on DoNotPay, then choose whether you've suffered any physical injury.


  2. Select whether you wish to demand compensation from the animal owner or report the event to your local authorities.


  3. Provide more details about the event, including the time and location where you sustained the injury, description of the animal, and the pet owner's contact information (if identified).


That's about it! DoNotPay will file the government report or demand letter with the event details on your behalf.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Justice for Animal-inflicted Injuries?

  • Fast – You won't have to wait a lifetime to get justice for the injury sustained.
  • Easy – We'll deal with the tedious forms and monitor the entire process on your behalf.
  • Successful – Relax and watch us serve you the justice you deserve.

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