How to Dispute Alabama Traffic Tickets From Your Phone

Dispute Traffic Tickets How to Dispute Alabama Traffic Tickets From Your Phone

How to Dispute Alabama Traffic Tickets From Your Phone

In Alabama, the privilege of being able to drive a motor vehicle on public roadways is maintained by avoiding having a certain number of "points" assessed against your license. Various types of traffic offenses are assigned a number of points. These are assessed upon conviction for said offense.

When ticketed, many drivers simply choose to pay the ticket, because they don't have the time to dispute it in court, or the money to hire a lawyer to dispute it for them. Luckily, DoNotPay makes it easy to dispute traffic tickets in Alabama with our Traffic Tickets product.

4 Reasons Why You Don't Want to Just Pay an Alabama Traffic Ticket

Alabama makes it easy to pay your traffic ticket through their online traffic service center, as well as the option of paying the ticket by mail or in-person in the county where it was issued. However, there are a number of reasons why this isn't always a good idea. Here is a look at some of those reasons.

  1. You didn't commit the crime. Paying a ticket in lieu of appearing in court is a guilty plea for the offense you have been accused of committing. Appearing in court gives you the opportunity to see the evidence against you and argue your side of the situation.
  2. If you plead guilty to the offense, points will generally be assessed against your license. If you have been convicted of other traffic offenses in the past two years, this could increase your risk of having your license suspended.
  3. Your guilty plea for many types of traffic tickets -- including speeding -- can result in an increase to your insurance premiums.
  4. Traffic convictions appear on your driving history for years, and are viewable by potential employers in certain types of jobs that involve driving. Additionally, if you wish to obtain a commercial driver's license, having convictions in your driving history can prevent you from meeting the requirements, or can result in you losing your CDL.

Alabama's Point System for Traffic Offenses

Alabama's point system assesses different numbers of points for convictions of traffic offenses. Generally, the more serious the offense, the higher the number of points.

Here’s an example:

Speeding up to 25 mph  over the limit2
speeding 26 miles or more over the limit5
Reckless driving or reckless endangerment with a motor vehicle6

Receiving points also has an adverse effect on one’s driver’s license.

  • A driver who has 12-14 points assessed against their license within 2 years faces a 60-day suspension of their driving privileges.
  • 15-17 points within a 2-year timeframe can result in a license suspension of up to 90 days.
  • If an individual has 24 or more points assessed against their license, they can lose their driving privilege for up to a year.

How to Dispute an Alabama Traffic Ticket on Your Own

In order to dispute an Alabama traffic ticket, you must either go to court on the date posted on your citation to challenge the evidence against you, or hire a lawyer to fight the ticket on your behalf. If it is not possible to have the case dismissed for reasons such as an improper traffic stop or lack of evidence, you or your lawyer may be able to work with the prosecutor to negotiate a deal whereby you plead guilty to a lesser offense that does not result in points off your license.

Easily Dispute Your Alabama Traffic Ticket Through DoNotPay

Whether you have received a citation for a non-moving violation such as a parking ticket, or have been ticketed for a moving violation such as speeding or improper passing and you wish to dispute the ticket, DoNotPay can provide you with information about laws that can help you build the best case possible. Here's how it works:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and go to the Ticket Disputes category. Select the correct product based on your traffic ticket. 
  2. Upload a photo of your citation. 
  3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake. 
  4. Select whether or not you want the letter mailed to the traffic ticket issuer on your behalf!
  5. That's it! You'll receive an appeal letter that contains state vehicle codes to boost your case. 

What Else Can DoNotPay Do to Save You Time, Effort, and Frustration?

DoNotPay's powerful Traffic Tickets product helps save you time, money, and frustration of researching applicable laws in order to fight against a traffic ticket. Check out these related resources.

DoNotPay can help you fight traffic tickets anywhere in the country but this is just one of the many ways DoNotPay can help you easily accomplish daily tasks. Click on the pages below to learn about other tasks DoNotPay can help you with.

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