How to Manage and Automate Your Alabama Power Bill Payments Easily

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How to Manage and Automate Your Alabama Power Bill Payments Easily

If you need a quick and efficient solution for online, would you know where to turn? If your Alabama Power bill needed to be paid in an instant, would you know which bill paying service to trust and why?

In this post, we will:

  1. Address your problems
  2. Point out obvious and potential pitfalls
  3. Provide the ultimate solution to Alabama Power bill paying issues online.

Let's begin by looking at trying to pay your Alabama Power bill by yourself.

How to Pay Your Alabama Power Bill on Your Own

Most branch offices of Alabama Power are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the average times that most if not all Alabamians are putting in their daily 9 to 5. Time constraints are the common issue you will face when trying to pay this bill on your own.

Alabama Power offices are located throughout the state to make it convenient for you to pay your power bill, start or stop your electrical service, set up temporary service if you are building a new home.

As with most utility companies, Alabama Power states on their website that each satellite office got its dropbox, and after-hours payments can be made at these locations. However, several problems can arise from relying on the dropbox payments to promptly be credited to your account.

Time constraints and reliability issues are facing you should you be pressed for time trying to get to their offices before closing time!

There is a solution!

Additional Issues When Trying to Pay Your Alabama Power Bill

No Credit or Debit Cards Accepted!

Like most, if not all Americans, you probably use your checking account's debit card feature for purchases and bill paying needs. When you go into any Alabama Power bill payment office, they will only accept cash or personal check, no credit or debit cards!

In 2021 that is rather problematic.

Problems With Mailing Your Alabama Power Bill Payment

As of this writing, WVTM 13, the Birmingham, Alabama NBC affiliate, urges Alabama Power customers not to use regular mail for processing their payments.

There seem to be some issues with mailed payments being lost and causing several Alabama Power customers to have their power service interrupted by the late processing of a payment they mailed in on time, allowing enough time for processing.

No word if Alabama Power plans to credit those affected accounts.

Problems Paying Your Bill with Alabama Power Online

If you elect to use Alabama Power's online payment option, be prepared to:

  • Pay a hefty service charge
  • Locate pertinent information on your bill such as your web access code; otherwise, you will not be able to make your payment
  • Know your account number, so your bill is credited to the proper account
  • Wait for up to 3 days for Alabama Power to acknowledge receipt of payment (problematic if your payment is already late)

When you choose this payment option be cautious about accidentally setting up a recurring bill payment. This may be something you would like to do, but please do it through Alabama Power and not their online payment representative to avoid costly fees every month.

So, as a quick review, when you try to pay your Alabama Power bill by yourself:

  • Be prepared to get to the payment office before 5 p.m. (sometimes not possible at all)
  • Be prepared to double-check your account for proper crediting if using the dropbox feature (taking more of your time)
  • Be advised against mailing in your payment (again forcing you to double-check their accuracy)
  • Compile information before paying bills online (expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating!)

If there was an easy-to-use, fast and successful way to pay your Alabama Power bill, would you use it? We think you certainly would!

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How to Set Up Recurring Check Payments Using DoNotPay

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