Alabama Lease Agreement in a Nutshell

How To Draw Up an Alabama Lease Agreement Effortlessly

Renting a property in Alabama can be risky if you don’t create a state-specific legal document to regulate it. By creating a lease agreement, you fortify the verbal deal and ensure a transparent relationship.

The problem arises when it comes to writing a contract. It’s not an easy task, and people have trouble creating a valid document with all relevant provisions and details. In this guide, you will learn the essentials of the Alabama lease agreement and get tips for making it in no time!

Defining Alabama Lease Agreements

When signing a lease agreement in Alabama, a property owner allows another person to live in their residence in exchange for a monthly rent. This contract regulates the landlord-tenant relationship by stipulating both entities’ conditions and expectations. Besides protecting both parties’ rights, it helps them understand and comply with predetermined duties.

The landlord has the right to perform a background check on the future tenant and get more details about their finances or employment. It’s the best way to ensure that the lessee will pay their rent on time.

What Parts Should Your Alabama Lease Agreement Include?

Alabama laws allow the parties to draw up a lease contract based on their wishes and preferences. The only requirement is that all provisions align with the landlord-tenant rules from Title 39, Chapter 9A of the Code of Alabama.

The more information you add, the better the understanding between the parties. Here are some disclosures every Alabama lease agreement should cover:

Recommended ClausesMandatory Clauses
  1. Full names and birthdates of all tenants
  2. Tenant’s contact information for legal notices
  3. Lease duration
  4. Lease renewal options
  5. Signatures of all parties involved
  6. Property location and description
  7. Rent details
  8. Security deposit
  9. Late fees
  10. Utility bills
  11. Responsibilities of the landlord and tenants
  12. Alterations and improvements of the property
  13. Pet policy
  14. Health and safety
    • Medical marijuana use
    • Bed bugs
    • Mold
    • Asbestos
  1. Lead-based hazards—The landlord must inform the tenant if there may be lead-paint traces in the interior structure of the building
  2. Full name and address of the landlord—The landlord must provide their name and physical address or authorize another person to act on their behalf

Are Alabama Lease Agreements Legally Binding?

All lease agreements with signatures of both parties involved are legally binding. Having this document notarized won’t affect the legality or strength of the contract.

How Can You Get an Alabama Lease Agreement?

The following table shows three available ways to obtain a lease agreement in Alabama:

Using online templates
  • These templates are usually free
  • You can find them easily
  • It’s a quick solution
  • They can be incomplete
  • In some cases, you must sign up to a service or a platform to download them
  • They may be vague or too generic, and you may not be able to adapt them to your needs
  • You can’t know for sure if they are reliable and up-to-date
Hiring a lawyer to draft your contract
  • Lawyers are proficient in making a contract solid
  • They understand state-specific rules
  • They have already composed loads of similar agreements
  • Their services are too costly. You may need to put aside hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a single document draft
Composing an agreement on your own
  • You don’t spend any money
  • You can add specific sections tailored to your wishes
  • It’s time-consuming
  • You will need to learn state-specific laws
  • It needs a lot of research

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