Review: Pricing, Features, & Best Alternatives

Senior Living Assistance Review: Pricing, Features, & Best Alternatives Review: Pricing, Features, & Best Alternatives

If you're looking for quality care for your senior loved one, you might have considered a popular company called AgingCare. AgingCare is a healthcare company that provides resources for in-home care, assisted living, and caregiver support. For seniors, having the right support is certainly important. Unfortunately, some senior healthcare facilities offer limited services. Even more, some facilities have been known to receive bad reviews for their service, making it difficult for seniors to find the right care team.

At DoNotPay, we believe that every older adult should have access to the type of care they deserve. If you've been thinking about investing in AgingCare for your loved one, read on to learn what it is, the services they provide, and how you can find the best senior living facility easily with DoNotPay.

What is AgingCare?

AgingCare serves as a resource to connect families who are caring for their aging parents, spouses, or other elderly individuals with the information they need to find the right support for their needs. Whether you're interested in hiring in-home care or you're interested in finding senior housing, AgingCare provides you with a list of qualified solutions in your area.

Does AgingCare Provide Services Themselves?

AgingCare is not a healthcare facility in itself. Instead, it serves as a resource for families to find the care they need for their loved ones. To find care, all you need to do is:

  1. Select the type of care you're interested in
  2. Provide some additional information, including where care is needed, your full name, and phone number
  3. Select submit

AgingCare will then provide you with a few options that can meet your needs.

Does it Cost to Use AgingCare?

It doesn't cost to use AgingCare since it is just a resource. But the facilities that they connect families with will have their own rates. The cost of these facilities will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Your location
  • The type of services are needed
  • The rates of the facility

What Services Does AgingCare Provide?

While AgingCare doesn't provide senior care services, they will connect you with facilities offering a variety of services. These services include:

In-Home CareThis type of care provides services to older adults who want to avoid transitioning into a senior home.
Assisted LivingThis type of care is designed for seniors with varying levels of services and housing settings to address individual needs.
Independent LivingThis type of housing is designed for seniors who desire independent living within a planned development.
Memory CareThis is a form of long-term residential care designed for older adults who are experiencing cognitive decline.
Nursing HomesA skilled nursing facility is a licensed healthcare residence for individuals who need more extensive medical care that can't be provided by an assisted living facility.
Adult DaycareThis is a supervised daytime environment to support other senior housing arrangements in a structured environment.
HospiceThis type of care is designed for individuals living with a terminal illness in the end stages of life.
Elder Law AttorneysAn elder law attorney specializes in a variety of legal matters that affect older adults.

Does AgingCare Always Find the Top Facilities?

While AgingCare acts as a great resource for families to find support for seniors, they don't necessarily offer the top facilities for care.

AgingCare offers general guidance for families to find facilities in their local area. It's likely that families will still need to do extensive research to see whether a particular health care service is the right fit for their needs.

Find the Best Senior Living Facility With DoNotPay

Do you need help finding the best senior living facility for your loved one? Having the right facility is important to ensure that older adults continue to thrive and live a quality life. While AgingCare provides a comprehensive list of resources for families to find the right support for seniors, their provided resources may not be the most thorough.

Here at DoNotPay, we can help you easily find a quality senior living assistance facility with our product. Just provide us with a few important details, and we'll begin searching for the best results for your needs. If you want to get started, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Senior Living Assistance product on DoNotPay.


  2. Choose one of the following options that best fits your request.


  3. Enter the name of the home you have in mind, or enter a general location so we can search for the best options.


  4. Tell us more about the person applying for the home (you or your loved one) and select any special treatments that are required.


  5. Estimate your monthly budget.


  6. If you're scheduling a tour, enter the date and time you want to schedule the tour for. If you're requesting more information, please enter the questions you have / what type of information you want to request.


  7. Enter your contact information, including name, email, address and phone number.


Want to save time and learn about other popular companies? DoNotPay is committed to providing you with everything you need to know. Some of the companies we've reviewed include:

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