Reach Ageas's Customer Service Agents Without the Wait

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company Reach Ageas's Customer Service Agents Without the Wait

Reach Ageas's Customer Service Agents Without the Wait

Ageas is a multinational insurance firm operating in Europe and part of Asian countries, with its headquarters in Brussels. It's the third-largest insurance provider in the UK for private car cover and the fourth-largest for travel insurance through its subsidiary, Kwik Fit insurance.

Ageas offers customer services to its clients just like telecommunication companies in the UK, such as VodafoneEE, and O2. Unfortunately, Ageas customer services don't guarantee the efficiency that any caller would expect. There are cases of delays before your phone is picked up or getting a response to your email.

You don't deserve to get through this. That's why DoNotPay offers the Skip Waiting on Hold Product. With this, we will call Ageas customer service on your behalf, wait on hold, and reach out to you once their agent picks up your call. You never have to worry again about any delays with Ageas customer service.

What Kind of Reasons Could Make You Contact Ageas Customer Services?

It's no surprise that many complaints are made against insurance covers. After all, a company like Ageas has over 4 million insurance covers, meaning there are chances of delivering subpar services to its clients. Here are some of the reasons that would make you contact their customer services:

  • When you want to inquire about their insurance policies
  • Filing a complaint against an unsatisfactory settlement or offer
  • Filing a complaint about your premium refunds
  • Complaining about a surcharge
  • Inquiring about their insurance renewal process
  • Complaining about a cancellation
  • Filing a complaint about the adjuster handling
  • Inquiring why your claim was denied
  • Complaining about claim delays

How Can You Contact Ageas Customer Services?

Ageas has seven options when it comes to contacting their customer services. These seven options are based on the type of insurance cover you seek. They include:

  1. Car insurance 
  2. Home insurance
  3. Van insurance
  4. Pet insurance 
  5. Business insurance 
  6. Travel insurance 
  7. Other products 

You have to click on these products to get the assistance you need and follow the process they've established.

Other Ways You Can Contact Ageas Customer Service

You can file your complaint or seek an inquiry to the Ageas customer service through the following means:

  • Write to them
  • Call them
  • Email

Use the following address while writing to Ageas customer service:

Ageas Support/FAQ SiteComplaints Page
Ageas Phone Number0345 122 3288
Ageas AddressCustomer Services (Complaints), Ageas Insurance Limited, Ageas House

Hampshire Corporate Park, Templars Way

Eastleigh, Hampshire

SO53 3YA

What Other Ways Can I Solve My Problem With Ageas?

Sometimes your issue may not be resolved to your satisfaction even after the Ageas customer service team responds to your inquiry. There are other options you can explore to solve your issue, such as:

The Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR

With this option, you can solve your issue without going to court. ADR adopts a different approach to solving your issues, such as mediation and arbitration.

The Ombudsman 

Ombudsman is a person appointed by the government to investigate complaints against companies or organizations. There are two types of an ombudsman, those that serve the private sector and those that serve the public sector.

For your financial issues, you need to contact a private sector ombudsman, specifically the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Contacting Ageas Customer Service With DoNotPay

Your intention to contact Ageas is probably urgent. You should expect their customer services to respond on time and solve your problem as soon as possible. It can be frustrating to be kept on hold while waiting for customer service to respond. You deserve a better experience than this.

With DoNotPay Skip Waiting on Hold product, you're assured of an easy way to contact Ageas customer service and have our agents wait on hold for you at the comfort of your house. Use the following easy-to-follow steps to take advantage of our product:

  1. Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.


  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.


  3. Search for the company you'd like to call.


  4. Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.


By completing these steps, our service team will wait on hold for you and let you know once an Ageas customer service agent picks up your phone. You can then explain your issue and have it solved as expected.

Contact Any Customer Service With Ease

With DoNotPay Skip Waiting on Hold product, you don't have to worry about the delays that come with contacting customer services for any company. We can help you get in touch with any agents, including:

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