Do You Need an Affidavit of Support and Consent for Minors To Travel Sample?

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Why You Don’t Need an Affidavit of Support and Consent for Minors To Travel Sample

Rules and regulations are strict when it comes to children traveling. Parents need to comply with them carefully to avoid unpleasant situations with customs and immigration officers. Various procedures need to be followed, and several documents are necessary.

One of these mandatory docs is an affidavit allowing minors to travel without a parent.

This article will explain how to find a typical affidavit of support and consent for minors to travel sample! Even better—we will explain why you don’t need one! Our app will generate a consent form for your child in a minute!

What Is an Affidavit of Consent and Support?

An affidavit of consent and support is a legal document used when a minor is:

  • Applying for a passport
  • Traveling alone, with one parent, or another authorized individual
  • Applying for a travel clearance

The document should be signed by the child's parents or the child’s legal guardian.

An Affidavit of Consent and Support for the Child Traveling Abroad

An affidavit of consent and support can be used as a child travel consent form. It gives the child permission to travel domestically or internationally without parents or guardians. The form should be signed by both parents/guardians if the child is traveling:

  • Alone
  • With a group or organization
  • Accompanied by a relative
  • With any other authorized adult, such as a teacher, coach, or a family friend

The form needs to be signed by a parent not accompanying the child on the trip if the parents are:

  • Married/in a common-law relationship and living with the child
  • Legally divorced, separated, or not living together

What Should an Affidavit of Consent for Children Traveling Abroad Contain?

Parents need to provide specific information when creating a child travel consent form. Omitting an important element can cause the airline, customs officers, or immigration agents to prevent the child and the accompanying adult from traveling.

A comprehensive affidavit of consent for a child traveling abroad should include:

  1. Full name, place of birth, and passport details of the child
  2. Contact details and permission statement from the non-traveling parent
  3. Relevant information about the parent or accompanying adult, such as full name, custody information, and passport details
  4. Medical or allergy details about the minor
  5. Travel details, including the start/end date and destination
  6. Signature of the parent or guardian giving permission

If you want to make sure your child will be taken care of in case of a medical emergency, you may also consider filling out a child medical consent form. It authorizes the accompanying adult to make healthcare decisions for the child during the trip.

The affidavit of consent for children traveling abroad should also be notarized. Notarization is proof that the signatures on the consent form are authentic.

Country-Specific Rules for Minors Traveling Abroad

Countries have different rules when it comes to children traveling. Some have a rigid policy for children entering/exiting their country without both parents. Before sending your child on a trip, you should check the specific entry-exit regulations with the country’s consulate.

To get a general idea, check out the following countries’ rules about minors traveling without parents:



  • A child travel consent form to travel to Canada
  • Passport
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Photocopies of parents’ passports
United Kingdom
  • A letter of consent for a child to travel to the UK
  • Passport
  • Visa (for staying more than six months)
  • A consent form for minor traveling to India
  • Visa
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of parents’ relevant passport pages (for more details, contact the consulate)
  • An affidavit of a consent form for children traveling abroad to Botswana
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Birth certificate

Are the Child Travel Consent Form Templates Reliable?

You can find samples of child travel consent forms online. Using a sample form seems like an easy solution, but online templates come with disadvantages. The most notable downsides are that:

  1. Templates are faulty—They often contain grammatical or spelling errors or lack important sections
  2. The selection is too wide—Numerous websites offer child travel consent forms. You will lose a fair amount of time deciding on one
  3. There are hidden costs—Even if they advertise themselves as completely free, most websites wait for you to complete all steps before revealing hidden charges. Some will ask for your credit card information to let you download the template, and others will charge you to update the form

You can use a sample child contract template as a guide for writing an affidavit yourself. A better option is to and let us create the child travel consent form for you!

DoNotPay Can Help You Create a Child Travel Consent Form in a Jiffy

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Here is all you need to do to get a professional and comprehensive child travel consent form:

  1. in a web browser
  2. Go to our Child Travel Consent product
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  4. Opt to get the document notarized

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A notary will witness you e-signing the form and notarize it with an electronic stamp and signature. After that, download and print your child travel consent form, and you are good to go!

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