Advertising Contract Template—Do You Need It?

Standardized Legal Documents Advertising Contract Template—Do You Need It?

Looking for an Advertising Contract Template? We Got You Covered!

Searching through a ton of contract templates online is never a fun experience. It takes too much time and effort, especially when you have a simpler solution at your fingertips! We’ll provide you with all the info about an advertising contract template and show you how to draft a contract easily!

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Advertising Contract Explained

An advertising contract—also known as a marketing contract—is a contract signed between the following parties:

  1. A provider of products that need to be advertised
  2. A supplier of advertising time/space

Drafting a written marketing agreement is a good idea since it outlines and clarifies the arrangement between the parties mentioned above. It helps secure the business relationship and can be used to avoid any confusion regarding the terms and conditions. Such a contract is also super useful in the case of any issues or disputes. You can use the document as proof in court and resolve disputes efficiently.

What an Advertising Contract Template Should Include

The advertising contract templates that you can find online are often incorrect and unreliable. That is why we provide you with a list of all the crucial sections an advertising contract should contain. If the template you found does not meet these criteria, it would be better not to use it.


What To Do

Legal names and addressesInclude the full legal names of the parties involved. Add their addresses to avoid any confusion and misidentification
Contract durationState the start and end date of the agreement
Project scopeElaborate on the scope of work as clearly and specifically as possible. Include the following details:

  • What the parties agreed on and what the goal is
  • What services will be provided
  • How the services will be delivered
  • What is the required from the client
Budget and payment scheduleSay what amount the client will pay for the provided services and what payment method he or she will use. Feel free to add specifics, like:

  • Payment dues
  • Payment periods
  • Late payment fee
TerminationExplain what will happen if a party decides to terminate the agreement. You should also say whether a prior notice is mandatory and what happens if they fail to give it
Breach of contractIndicate what happens if there is a breach of contract. The immediate agreement termination is a common outcome, sometimes with certain compensation
CopyrightsSpecify the intellectual property rights and elaborate on the relevant details in this section

Is an Advertising Contract Legally Binding?

Like most business-related contracts, marketing agreements are legally binding. Specific prerequisites must be honored, though, so check out what they are in the list below.

A legally binding contract must have:

  1. An offer and acceptance
  2. The intention of making a legally binding contract
  3. An item of value exchanged for a promise

If your contract contains the above-mentioned elements, along with signatures of all parties involved, it is enforceable.

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