Advance Directive in Oregon—What It Contains and How To Create One Fast

Advance Health Care Directive Advance Directive in Oregon—What It Contains and How To Create One Fast

The Basics of an Advance Directive in Oregon

Letting someone decide about your life is no easy task, but once you’re sure of who it is, an advance health care directive will help you make your decision official. Learn what an advance directive in Oregon entails and how to prepare one in a jiffy with DoNotPay!

What Is an Oregon Advance Directive?

An Oregon advance directive is a document Oregon citizens use to appoint someone else to decide for them about treatment methods (or lack thereof) in an emergency. The signers of an Oregon advance directive are:

  • The person giving the medical power of attorney—the person who completes the form
  • The designated health care proxy (also known as the primary agent or health care representative)—the person you entrust with making decisions about your health
  • Two witnesses—Only if you’re not getting the document notarized

What Does the Oregon Health Care Directive Look Like?

The advance directive form in Oregon consists of four parts:

Part AThe first part of an Oregon advance directive explains:

  1. The purpose of the form—You’re letting someone make health decisions for you
  2. The validity of the form—The document must be signed and notarized to be effective
Part BThe appointment of a health care proxy—the person you entrust with making decisions about your health once the doctors determine that you’re unable to do so by yourself
Part CThe third part of the Oregon health care directive works as a living will—here, you can specify the types of treatment you (don’t) want to receive
Part DThe final section of the document contains your and your witnesses’ signatures (or notary stamp)

In the document, you can also point out what should be done with any previously signed health care powers of attorney.

Other Documents You May Want To Include With Your Oregon Advance Directive

It’s not enough to have an advance directive in Oregon if you:

  • Want to donate your organs—You will also have to include an Oregon Organ Donation Form with your advance directive
  • Suffer from mental illness—You will have to ask your physician and attorney about documents you may want to include with your advance directive, depending on the type and severity of your condition
  • Don’t want to be resuscitated—The nurses must ensure your wishes are respected when you enter any treatment facility. Unfortunately, in some cases, the advance directive can be overlooked or unclear. To make it clear you don’t want to be resuscitated in a critical condition, you may wish to complete the following forms:
    • DNR (Do Not Resuscitate)
    • OHDNR (Outside The Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate)

How To Create an Advance Directive in Oregon

The following table explains all the ways you can draft an advance directive in Oregon:

Writing the document from scratchIf you decide to write an Oregon advance directive on your own, you must make sure it isn’t missing any of the three parts you would have to complete in a premade form
Downloading an online templateYou can find many available templates and samples of a properly completed advance directive online
Paying a lawyer to create your documentLawyers are experts in their field, but paying one to make your advance directive can turn out to be a hefty cost—even more so when you find out that there are better and cheaper ways to get the document you need
Using DoNotPayWith DoNotPay, it takes only a couple of minutes of your time to get a personalized advance directive

Create Your Oregon Advance Directive With DoNotPay—Your Personal Pocket Lawyer

Ensuring your advance directive works in your favor doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Whether you’re in Oregon or any other state, DoNotPay can draft a custom advance health care directive for you in a matter of moments. To get started, visit DoNotPay and:

  1. Search for the Advance Health Care Directive feature
  2. Enter the name of the health care representative
  3. Tell us about the treatment you authorize (or don’t) in a case of an emergency
  4. Type in the names of your two witnesses

Sit back and relax while we create your custom advance directive.

Do you need a notary? Let us connect you with an online notary so you can get the document notarized in a snap! We can also teach you about the specifics of a Jehovah’s Witness advance directive form, the difference between a health care proxy and power of attorney, and much more!

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