A Know-It-All Guide to Composing an Advance Directive in New Mexico

Advance Health Care Directive A Know-It-All Guide to Composing an Advance Directive in New Mexico

The Simplest Way To Get a Solid Advance Directive in New Mexico

Surviving a brutal accident or getting sick can leave you incapacitated regardless of your age. In such cases, you may be subjected to treatments you don’t want to undergo since you can’t inform the medical personnel about your wishes. You can state your future health care preferences on time by creating an advance directive.

This guide is all you need to get familiar with the concept of an advance directive in New Mexico. You will also discover how to use DoNotPay to compose a living will, health care proxy, or any health care directive without immense attorney costs!

How Is a New Mexico Health Care Directive Defined?

As per the New Mexico Statutes, an advance directive is a compilation of straightforward instructions related to your future medical and end-of-life care. Its purpose is to inform your family, friends, and health care provider how they should act if you become incapacitated.

By putting this document into effect, you secure your rights to:

  • Refuse or accept specific medications and therapies
  • Choose the medical care facilities where you want to stay
  • Accept or deny the use of life support mechanisms
  • Donate your eyes, tissues, and organs
  • Make anatomical gifts (particular organs or the entire body)
  • Manage your end-of-life decisions, such as comfort care, hospice care, or funeral arrangements

It’s recommendable to prepare an advance directive while you are still healthy, as debilitating medical issues can occur unexpectedly.

Which Forms Does a New Mexico Advance Directive Include?

The New Mexico advance health care directive consists of three main forms:

  1. Power of attorney for health care (known as the state’s medical power of attorney)
  2. Instructions for health care (known as the state’s living will)
  3. Designation of a primary physician

All the parts are described further in the following table:

New Mexico power of attorney for health careA document that delegates your rights to make health care-related choices to someone else. It should be a trusted, loving individual who’s ready to take on the responsibility. It can be your:

  • Spouse
  • Long-term partner
  • Parent
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Adult child
  • Grandparent
  • Grandchild
New Mexico living will or instructions for health careA form that lists your future health care requests that doctors and family should follow if you can’t express them yourself. You can sign it along with the medical power of attorney or as a separate document
Designation of a primary physicianA document that allows you to choose a preferred medical practitioner to treat you

While these forms are beneficial, you don’t need to complete and sign them all. You can prepare the crucial ones and add the rest later if necessary. All the documents mentioned above come into effect once a certified medical practitioner confirms you have lost the ability to decide for yourself.

Do You Need Witnesses for Your New Mexico Health Care Directive?

New Mexico law states that an advanced directive doesn’t need to be signed by witnesses or notarized. It’s still desirable to do both to be on the safe side if the document’s validity is challenged in the future.

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