Should You Draw Up an Advance Directive in Nevada?

Advance Health Care Directive Should You Draw Up an Advance Directive in Nevada?

An Advance Directive in Nevada Explained

Thinking about what might happen to you if you get badly injured or seriously ill might not be your favorite activity—but it could determine the direction of your health care. To avoid unwanted treatments and end-of-life procedures, you should create a living will, medical power of attorney, or advance directive.

This article provides details regarding an advance directive in Nevada as different states have different rules you need to follow.

What Is a Nevada Advance Directive?

A Nevada advance health care directive is a legal document that allows you to:

  1. Appoint a person to make medical decisions for you in case you’re not able to do it yourself
  2. State your wishes regarding health care treatments and life-sustaining procedures
  3. Indicate whether you’d like to donate your body or organs upon your death

You should prepare a Nevada health care directive to inform your family members, friends, and health care providers of your preferences in case of a terminal illness or medical emergency.

Different Parts of an Advance Directive Form in Nevada

The following table presents sections of a Nevada advance directive form:

Forms Within a Nevada Advance DirectiveDetails
Durable powers of attorney for health care decisionsA Nevada medical power of attorney (POA) lets you name an agent to make decisions about your medical care in case you cannot:

  1. Communicate your wishes
  2. Make health care decisions for yourself

This document:

Living willA living will form in Nevada lets you specify your preferences for life-sustaining treatments in case you are:

  • Unable to make decisions on your own
  • Terminally ill or incapacitated
Organ donationYou should complete this part of an advance directive form if you’d like to provide an anatomical gift upon your death

How To Prepare a Nevada Advance Health Care Directive

If you’d like to get assistance with your advance directive, you could consider the following options:

  • Use services—While hiring a lawyer could be your first choice, you should keep in mind that:
  • Download a template—There are numerous online forms you could use when creating your advance directive, but make sure you:
    • Check the form thoroughly as some might not suit your needs
    • Adjust the chosen template to fulfill the necessary legal requirements
  • Register for DoNotPay—Our robot lawyer is:
    • More reliable than the generic online forms
    • Familiar with relevant rules
    • More affordable than an attorney

Turn to DoNotPay To Get an Airtight Advance Directive

Our AI-powered app saves you:

  1. The energy and time you’d need to spend inspecting and changing unreliable online forms
  2. The money you’d have to collect to settle costly services

We can help you generate a top-notch advance directive, (medical) power of attorney, or living will in minutes!

Subscribe to DoNotPay and:

  1. Head to the Advance Health Care Directive product
  2. Enter your medical wishes and the name of your agent
  3. Specify the powers you have decided to grant the agent
  4. Choose to get the document notarized online or provide the names of your witnesses

Make an Advance Directive in Nevada Valid

To make a Nevada advance directive valid, you need to get the document notarized. You can use DoNotPay to have any document notarized fast.

Another option you could take is to have two people witness your signature. Keep in mind that you cannot choose your:

  • Health care agent
  • Relative—At least one witness must be someone who isn’t:
    • Related to you
    • Entitled to your property
  • Health care providers, including their:
    • Operators
    • Employees

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